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  1. gonhunting247

    Tag fees

    Not worth it to me most years (since there is another option). I think it will make the special/regular gap much bigger(at least for awhile). I will stay with the regular though, as I've always done and just plan on drawing a little less in WY. For now at least, there are still lots of options...
  2. gonhunting247

    Bipod or Shooting Stick

    I use a Harris Bi-Pod. I really didn't like the weight out front at first, but have gotten used to it. It has definitely been used a ton. Putting it up and down becomes somewhat second nature and is very fast. I use it every time I am glassing or sitting on stand just to keep my gun handy and...
  3. gonhunting247

    Nevada Draw Results

    Dang, hope you have a speedy recovery. I'll be looking forward to those sheep pics in a year!
  4. gonhunting247

    2023 AZ Coues Deer

    Good luck out there! I hope to be back out in the next couple years. I drew a December tag the first time and ended up with a solid little 3x3, then changed to the early hunt, because it was so fun and the ease of the draw. I lucked out and killed a good buck that round also, but that was a...
  5. gonhunting247

    Good Mass

    Thank you, That's great, good luck down south, I hope you find a big one. No better dates than this year :) !
  6. gonhunting247

    Good Mass

    Yes Jim, we were incredibly lucky to get to experience that hunt for sure. I hope you draw it soon! Here's a pic of his bison and three of our 4 man crew. It was a great family hunt with my brother, me, my BIL and his brother(not pictured). It was an extra bonus that he tagged out on his...
  7. gonhunting247

    Good Mass

    I was fortunate to get home from my brother's OIL Bison hunt in UT in time to get out and hunt the second half of blacktail season. I look forward to trying to dig one of these guys out of the brush every chance I get! I ended up connecting on an old buck with great mass on the 4th day after...
  8. gonhunting247

    Given' Up/Cashing in my Points

    Good looking bull, congrats1
  9. gonhunting247

    2023 AK Moose

    Very cool, good work and congrats on two pretty bulls!
  10. gonhunting247

    Montana mountain goat success!

    Very Cool, good work!
  11. gonhunting247

    2024 AZ Spring Hunts

    I'll be in for javelina again :)
  12. gonhunting247

    AZ Firsts

    Good work, congrats
  13. gonhunting247

    Moon Phase Effect on Rocky Mtn Fall Bear?

    I've never worried much about moon phase with bears. Food sources are the key, along with the temperature/time of day for me here at home. I do like to shoot my bear by early October, as the shorter daylight hours later in the year start allowing the bears to use the longer nights to their...
  14. gonhunting247

    Nevada Draw Results

    This is awesome! Hope you have a great hunt!
  15. gonhunting247

    CA Columbian Blacktail

    Very cool, congrats on a great buck!
  16. gonhunting247

    Nv Ram is home

    Very cool, I hope to get the chance at a desert Ram someday. Congrats again on a pretty ram. Great adventure and you made the most of it!
  17. gonhunting247

    Nevada Draw Results

    Hope you have a great hunt. Looking forward to pics and story!
  18. gonhunting247

    Calling Bears

    I have always called solo except sometimes for coyotes/bobcats. I'm always hoping a Mt.lion will appear, but so far I haven't been that lucky (that I know of :) ). It just seems if you only go when others will go, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. It would be cool to call wolves in...
  19. gonhunting247

    Calling Bears

    Called this sow in this spring after hearing her down in the creek bottom. She came in to about 30 yards, but had little tykes in tow and would try to put them up a tree and come see what the commotion was. She never did really figure out what was going on so she went back across the creek and...
  20. gonhunting247

    Calling Bears

    I think it has to be the right bear at the right time and place/situation, because I have watched bears that I've called to and they looked for a second and went right back to doing what they were doing :).