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  1. sneakypete

    Bipod or Shooting Stick

    Harris bipod! I’ve tried the swagger but not comfortable with it!
  2. sneakypete

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. sneakypete

    Colorado Antelope

    Great trip, that’s one heck of a conversation piece ! congrats
  4. sneakypete

    Wife First Elk

  5. sneakypete

    2023 AK Moose

    Great work there, congrats. No better table fare than moose!
  6. sneakypete

    Son’s first elk

    Memories made, congratulations!
  7. sneakypete

    Montana mountain goat success!

    Tim, congratulations on a very nice goat!
  8. sneakypete

    Hi from NorCal

    Welcome, you must be in Linden or Farmington? Oakdale here!
  9. sneakypete

    CA Columbian Blacktail

    Congrats! He might eat good too!
  10. sneakypete

    Moose hunting gift ideas

    I’ve hunted moose twice, if you’ve hunted elk you should be good. A battery sawzall would help for ribs and legs. Bigger game bags. Most importantly as much help as you can get. Horses would be nice.
  11. sneakypete

    2023 CA draw results

  12. sneakypete

    winter project completed

    She’s a beauty! Great work!
  13. sneakypete

    Opinions needed for Daughter's new rifle

    I’d recommend a 6.5 creedmore, this one is a Howa Superlite. It weighs 4.7 bare gun and it’s probably right close to 6 1/2 lbs now with scope and brake. Shoots great. I have 2 7mm’s & 06.
  14. sneakypete

    Son’s First Turkey

  15. sneakypete

    New Member

  16. sneakypete

    Knee Replacement Surgery

    CC, wishing you a speedy recovery!
  17. sneakypete

    Montana Bucks...

  18. sneakypete


  19. sneakypete

    January cow elk

    all good work = more work! Good thing your buddy got his sled up there!
  20. sneakypete

    Does Eastmans still do MRS

    Just found out it’s published and I have 2022 Jan/ Feb issue. Fricken Wyoming is confusing….