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  1. Hycntryhtr

    Special license question

    Can someone please explain what the special tags are? Elk are regular 500 but the special are almost 1100$ does it guaranty a tag?
  2. Hycntryhtr

    2012 Matthews Helim Left Hand

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 Matthews Helim set at 70# with a 30 inch draw. New Custom strings and cables. I have a 6 arrow quiver for it also. It is bare bow, I do have a SKB soft case that can go along with it. Ive killed a lot of animals with this bow, my best was a mule deer at 96 yards in Az...
  3. Hycntryhtr

    2015 Elite Victory Left Handed

    Hey guys, Im looking to sell my 2015 Elite Victory target bow. Its running 65# limbs @ 30inch draw, QAD rest, CBE Dovetail single pin .19 red dot, and a 10 inch bee stinger stabilizer. I ordered this bow the day they came out, took 5 months to get it and Ive owned it for 6 months. I can...
  4. Hycntryhtr

    I'm trying to decide, need some help please.

    Right now I'm running the eberlestock blue widow, I've hauled a lot of meat and gear out on it. I don't like the weight of it. So I'm in the reading and watching you tube time of trying to find the pack I want. I have it narrowed down to stone glacier, mystery ranch and kifaru. I understand they...
  5. Hycntryhtr

    2015 elk succes thread

    az muzzy bull.. long story short I shot the wrong bull. Already posted my colorado bull. Now headed to wyoming to fill my elk tag there.
  6. Hycntryhtr

    rut activity

    Hey guys, I'm headed to wy in a week. Can anyone give me an update on how the bulls are acting. Heard any bugles yet, or are they still silent? Thank you and best of luck.
  7. Hycntryhtr

    That was fast!

    Well opening morning, 7 am i called this Lil feller in to 24 yds. Given my time restraints with life, I had to make something happen.
  8. Hycntryhtr

    sat phone or inreach

    Looking for opinions on which to get. Left my original post in the coyote out forum. Any suggestions would be great.
  9. Hycntryhtr

    satellite phone or inreach

    Hey guys, so sept my wife is due with our first. I have permission to hunt every weekend till our little girl is born. But like most places we hunt I don't have cell service. I'm looking into either a sat phone or the Delorme inreach, just in case I'm up in the hi country and need to get back...
  10. Hycntryhtr

    Drew a general tag, now in panic mode

    I put in for Az and WY, and 2 days later my wife informed me that she was preg. Immediately counting months and days, I realized at that moment my planning was horrible and then crossed my fingers i,wouldn't draw. Well I did in wyoming, still don't know about Az, but after 12 yrs of waiting...
  11. Hycntryhtr

    Finally got it done

    I've been fortunate to guide a lot of successful elk hunts. Being from AZ with tags hard to come by I still haven't been able to draw. After moving to colorado 3 yrs ago, a lot of frustration trying to learn areas and elk patterns I finally got it done. Solo, public land draw tag, called this...
  12. Hycntryhtr

    Opening weekend luck

    Well how'd everyone do? The night before the opener I had 6 bulls, one good. 6, a satilite, and some spikes. Day 2 had 3 small bulls at 27 yds but due to horn restrictions I couldn't hammer down. Day 3 was rain and wind filled. Bulls didn't want to respond to a cow call, no bugling. Sent from...
  13. Hycntryhtr


    Hey guys, Just curious if anyone's been hearing bugles out there? Friends of mine have said they are starting to sound off here in northern CO. Best of luck it's almost here!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hycntryhtr

    Elk season moon phases

    Hey guys, well it's almost here, finally! Looking at the phases for sept seems like it may be a better season later on, with the moon hitting full early, bulls may not be ready to crank it up. I know this is a loaded topic. But I would like to hear some opinions, hopefully we can get some ideas...
  15. Hycntryhtr

    Bucks on summer schedule?

    I placed this same question in the Colorado forum, should have placed it here. My question is, I've been scouting/ shed hunting since I found out I drew my archery deer tag about 3 weeks ago. I've seen a few bucks, and I figured since they are really getting into their growth cycle they should...
  16. Hycntryhtr

    Dirt nap broadheads

    Wanted to see if anyone had used these heads before? Also in general, if you've used the 2 blade BHs, do you still need to tune them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hycntryhtr

    Bucks on summer schedule

    Been out scouting/ shed hunting these last 2 weekends. I've seen a few bucks but not the bigger bachelor groups. They haven't been feeding every couple hours like I thought they should be. Is it to early for bucks to be feeding hard every 2-3 hours? Or should I take this as I need to keep...
  18. Hycntryhtr

    Anyone's elk points change yet?

    Has anyone had their points drop for elk yet? I know they say the 30th but they come out to us Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Hycntryhtr

    Problems getting new bows?

    Has anyone else ordered from elite for 2014? I ordered my energy 35, 3 1/2 months ago and still haven't heard a word from them about when!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hycntryhtr

    Region W

    My wife is a professional photographer and shoots the wild horses in the great divide basin every year. She keeps telling me about all the elk and antelope and deer she sees. Now the photos of elk and goats yes, some decent ones. Deer mostly does and fawns. Is it worth giving it a look for a...