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  1. beav906

    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    Yeti would of been nice to keep food cold on 70 degree days and from freezing on 20 degree nights on lady shed hunt!
  2. beav906

    WTB: kuiu Yukon coat and pants

    Looking for kuiu Yukon setup. Verde or vias. In medium size. Thanks!
  3. beav906

    East Beulah elk

    Well drew east Beulah 1st season bull as my fourth choice. Lol. I've got one spot we've seen some dandies in. Hoping for a backup plan if anyone has any suggestions? I know highly private elk eradication zone but it's what I got this year! Thanks in advance
  4. beav906

    Eberlestock j34 with bow bucket

    Fs: eberlestock j34 with bow bucket. Both in mossy oak brush. In great shape. Couple blood spots in mesh. Should clean easily. Small cut on waist belt. Doesn't effect. Been there since new. $300 tyd for package. Msg for pics
  5. beav906

    Woman's carry pistol

    Looking into getting the little lady a carry pistol for archery and shed hunting. Smaller gal. Any thoughts on caliber/pistol selections? Like something with stopping power but won't scare her to shoot. Thanks!
  6. beav906

    Danner full curl boots

    I have a set of danner full curl insulated boots for sale. Size 10.5. 400 gram thinsulate. Worn 2 days. Great boots. Ordered and ended up size too big. Asking $260 tyd Obo. Aldo looking to trade for eberlestock x2 or tight spot and cash. Thanks
  7. beav906

    Core4element pants

    Got my core4element pants for Christmas! Pretty excited. Fit great, feel durable, pretty happy. Only question is anybody use them in heavier rain? I tend to hunt towards coast range late season so your chest deep in wet brush and can't tell if rain is coming down or up! I know they are see...
  8. beav906

    wraps for vaps?

    Needing a little help. Wanting to put wraps on my vaps but having a hard time finding some for them. Most what I find just say carbon. Pretty sure those are to big. Any suggestions?
  9. beav906

    unit 161-164 buck

    Hey my best bud picked up a buck tag in this unit, heading down next weekend to scout. Done the finger scouting, found a few places to start but always open to some thoughts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. beav906

    Gun racks

    Anyone have experience with an over the head gun rack or any suggestions on gun racks? Getting a new Ram pickup crew cab looking for a way to pack guns. On most outings we have 4 guys and a dog or child so can is packed. Never been a fan of keeping gun outside of cab even in case. Back window...
  11. beav906

    speer spbt

    Looking for a new bullet. Want one load for everything. Elk , deer, antelope, bear. Shooting a Remington 700 in 7mm rem mag. Thinking a a 160 grain Speer spbt. Good bc and always seen them do a good job. Shooting up to 500 yards max. Thoughts, suggestions? Experiences? Thanks
  12. beav906

    hunting pants for long legs!

    Looking for some better hunting pants without breaking the bank. Problem is only ones i can find only run 34 inch inseam. I take 36-38". Any thoughts?
  13. beav906

    bow shop around Boise

    Anyone recommend a good bow shop with a wide selection around Boise? Heading there in a couple weekends. Thanks for the help
  14. beav906

    minox scope

    Looking into a new scope. I have a minox spotting scope and a couple buddies with their glass. It performs well. Just don't know anyone who has tried the scopes. Any thoughts, advice, or experience witgh them? Thanks
  15. beav906

    New pistol ideas

    Looking to get a new pistol. Thinking a 40 s&w. Going to use it for packing during archery. I'd like one that has a .22 lr or .17 conversion kit for the rest of the year. Any thoughts?
  16. beav906

    archery is open!

    Anyone having any luck in Oregon? I've had encounters with a few good bucks but yet to take one yet
  17. beav906

    south warner elk

    Just a shot in the dark but anyone have any info on elk in the south warner unit? I know there's not a big density but a place to start would be great. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  18. beav906

    how's everyone's scouting?

    Anyone had any luck during their scouting? Im seeing alot of good bucks including a 3 point pushing 28" wide and 20" tall. Think that's on the top of my list. Got one BIG black bear im going to chase come August 1. Lets staystart the season!
  19. beav906

    two way radios

    Looking into getting radios for season. Anyone using any they'd recommend? I see some have text now, seems that would be handy when remaining quiet during a stalk. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  20. beav906

    Ebrelestock bow bucket

    Anyone know the proper way to install the bow bucket? I have the j104 and tried a couple different ways but never seems right