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  1. twp1224

    Eastman Hunting Calendar

    How about an Eastman Hunting Calendar? I would buy one.
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    Turkeys Anyone?

    See a lot on private property as my son and I drive through to the public property. No luck getting one yet. Trying again this weekend.
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    March/April 2012 EBJ (Issue 70)

    in the recent EBJ magazine, South Cox had an article on pack wieght. Does anyone have the website he mentions that has the free pack list? I'm at work, dont have the mag. and forgot the website. Thanks in advance. Aaron
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    Man where have you been? i haven't seen a post or heard from you in a long while. Is everything ok?

    Man where have you been? i haven't seen a post or heard from you in a long while. Is everything ok?
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    4-0 Bucks

    Well I went on a 3 day solo hunt last weekend. Saw a lot of legal bucks (15) and a couple of them were big 4 points. I put four separate stalks without releasing a single arrow. The weather was nasty, hail and rain most of the time. The wind was my worst enemy. Every time I thought I had figured...
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    rangefinder tether

    Anyone using one? What brand(s) should I look at? thanks for the help in advance.
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    Lion Fire (golden Trout Wilderness)

    If anyone wants information on the fire burning in Golden Tout Wilderness below is a good link.
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    Pure Elevation's ni9ty percent DVD

    Wow what a video! I finally received the greatly anticipated DVD by Pure Elevation “ni9ty percent”. The video is top notch and full of backcountry elk footage. Steve and the rest of the crew are DYI backcountry archers. The video demonstrates the ups and downs of backcountry DYI hunting on...
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    Road is still closed. Tried to go u friday evening with no luck. They have got to open it soon...

    Road is still closed. Tried to go u friday evening with no luck. They have got to open it soon though. Can't wait to get in there and do some hiking. I got drawn for the G38 (X10 late season tag) so I will be starting my scouting over there too. Going to be a busy year!
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    2009 Rifle Hunt - California

    Too bad I didn't have a bear tag.
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    Yosemite National Park - California

    Yosemite Few more...
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    Yosemite National Park - California

    Here are a few pictures of good old California's Yosemite National Park. Took a hike up to Half Dome last summer with the girlfriend.
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    Bowhunting Journal

    I just received my new Magazine issues #65 and look who's on the cover, Steve Speck of S&! Congrats Steve on a great article. Way to go man! Not only is he a great guy to deal with for purchasing top of the line gear, but a DYI bow hunter as well. I can't wait to see the Pure...
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    What type of Stabilizers are you guys putting on your bows for the backcountry?
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    2011 Big Game Hunting Digest online now

    DFG has the 2011 Hunting Digest on thier website. Thought some of you might be interested.
  16. twp1224

    Who would you choose?

    If you had the opportunity to choose one person to bowhunt with who would it be. I would love to be able to hunt with Cameron Hanes for a 7-10 day hunt. The things I could learn from this guy. Guy, Mike, Nate or David Long would be at the top list of my list too. Just given the opportunity to...
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    I purchased some Lowa Ranger GTX this year and was wondering how many of you are replacing your insoles with aftermarket ones. The boots fit great and the insoles seem to fit great, but would swapping out the insoles make them feel even better?
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    Backcountry Food

    I have done some research, but was wonder what my fellow backcountry bow hunters were taking with them. I use Mountain House for my dinners, but was wonder what everyone was eating for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I usually take instant oatmeal for breakfast, Cliff bars for lunch and trail mix...
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    Cameron Hanes New Video

    If you have not seen it check it out. That takes some guts to pull a goat from a cliff.
  20. twp1224

    Pure Elevation video

    If you haven't seen it yet, it will get you in the mood to do a little backcountry bowhunting for sure. Get's me excited everytime I watch it. Enjoy.