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  1. woodtick

    52 Rifle Elk

    It's been a while since I posted on the forum, I was wondering if anyone has hunted the early tag in 52. I'd like to PM somebody some general questions, I spent the last week there hunting and I'm drawing a blank. Thanks
  2. woodtick

    Nice Idaho Bull

    I haven't been on here for ages but I'm sure you guys won't mind seeing this bull I helped my buddy kill. It was his first elk hunt he lived on the coast for most his life, moved to Idaho a while back and after applying for years he finally drew a tag. It was one of those elk hunts everyone...
  3. woodtick

    Looks like the boys are still going strong!

    Hey guys, It's been almost a year since I got on here. I see a lot of familiar faces on here and looks like most are doing well!! Just checking in on all you guys and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Peace out! Woody
  4. woodtick

    Caldwell Area Info Needed.

    Hey guys, I just got a great opportunity offered to me in this area. Not ever moving to a new area I've got a lot to learn, I was just wondering if there is places you'd recommend for a small family to live and places to avoid. I'm partial to small towns but if needs be something in Nampa or...
  5. woodtick

    For all the Wyoming residents!

    I know I've shared this before on here and I was watching it the other day and figured with the upcoming application season just around the corner that I'd share it again!! I feel your pain guys, Utah is even worse!!
  6. woodtick

    Who's going to WHCE??

    Any of you guys making the trip to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo next month in great ole SLC??? What days you coming, it'd be nice to hang out and meet some forum members maybe have a big dinner or something!?
  7. woodtick

    Merry Christmas to all!

    PMC beat me to it!! I just like to wish all of you that I've interacted with on here a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! God bless each and everyone of you! From me and my family!
  8. woodtick

    Wife's Utah Cow Elk

    I've been a little busy and tried to post this a few weeks ago and forgot, long story short we got my wife her first elk. Shot it at about 4:30ish the 1st afternoon we went out while we were down visiting her parents for Thanksgiving. Picked them up from about 3 miles across an old burn and we...
  9. woodtick

    Thinking about moving to Salem area??

    Hey gents, I've had a great job offer in the Salem area and was wondering if I'm nuts to move to Oregon and miss out on all the opportunities that I have now in Utah when it comes to hunting and being in close proximity to WY, CO and ID. I know the Muley hunting in OR is a pathetic crap shoot...
  10. woodtick

    Special treat!!!

    So for Thanksgiving I usually run down to my in laws in southern Utah, I've got a couple good friends from down that way so we usually head over on the Paunsaugunt and Kaibab to look at rutting bucks. Well today on our way out we stopped at Muley Crazy just to see what was kicking around and...
  11. woodtick

    Thesis Defense!

    Happy times gentlemen!! I know this is probably not that big of a deal to many but I'm to dang happy not to share this with some of you. The title says it all and I passed with flying colors, I just have a few more edits to do on my paper and it'll be off to the printing press!! Went out for a...
  12. woodtick

    Just when I was thinking Wyoming was alright!! Unbelievable!!!
  13. woodtick

    Wife's Utah Buck

    After not being able to hunt for 4 years, she was able to take this nice little buck at 540 yards with one shot. We had some guys almost blow it for us, we spotted them at about 1200 yards luckily we was able to cut it down to her comfort zone in a hurry and she made an outstanding shot. I got...
  14. woodtick

    The day has come!!

    Well Boys and Girls, the truck is packed and I'm pulling out in the mornin for the much anticipated Wyo. loper hunt!!! I hope to have a ton of pics and a story to follow this post up in the coming days! I'd like to say I'm dead set on that 80" mark but if it gets my blood pumping I'm gonna have...
  15. woodtick

    Need a new everyday carry knife!!

    So I'm assuming most of you guys carry a knife every day, my old Benchmade of about 10yrs finally broke in half. I'm hard as he!! on a knives, I need one with a thick blade and that sharpens easy. I use them to cut anything from electric fiber fencing, bailing twine to using it as pry bar and...
  16. woodtick

    Headed out!!

    Leaving the daily grind behind!! Headed 6 miles in for the muzzy deer hunt, hope to have some great pics after this hunt. Good luck to all of you guys headed out!!!
  17. woodtick

    Happy Fathers Day!!

    Just thought it'd be a kind gesture to say Happy Fathers Day to all of you that are raising or raised a bunch of heathens!!
  18. woodtick

    Leftover List

    Ever since they redesigned their website I can't find anything. Have they posted the leftover tag list yet?? If so could someone post a link!!
  19. woodtick

    Thunderheads question??

    Any of you guys shoot NAP thunderheads, I'm not much of a bowhunter, but I've been tuning them to my arrows so they cut perfectly through paper and my buddy said you don't want to shoot those at any kind of animal their garbage. I've been trying like crazy to put something on the ground the last...
  20. woodtick

    Pushed someone's buttons!!

    So I received a message from a fellow EF member and it's been brought to my attention that I might be a little over bearing and pushy (thats putting it in more mellow terms). I just want those of you that I've harassed it's all in good fun, I'm a big time joker and love laughing and having fun...