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  1. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    Thats awesome! Hopefully you can get one in daylight hours! I havent had activity in 2 weeks now.... Going to keep throwing the fridge at them and see what happens. We have a month to get it done!
  2. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    I am in the exact same boat.... no activity in a week now. They have started chopping corn so hopefully that will push them back towards the bait. Good luck!
  3. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    Looks like we are through the latest heat wave. Curious what the next couple cool nights will do for the activity. Its been pretty slow this last week.
  4. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    Thats a dandy! What did that one weigh? Looks to be above the MN average?
  5. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    My plan to hunt with a bow for now!
  6. youngbuck2

    Minnesota Black Bear

    Any other MN bear hunters on here? This is my first year giving it a go after waiting 5 years to get a tag! Almost more exciting seeing the first bear on camera as it is the first big buck of the year. 4 days till opener!
  7. youngbuck2

    September? WTF

    Like RICMIC, I also got married the 6th of October. When my wife picked that date, I informed her that it was waterfowl opener that year and that I would be going hunting in the morning. Her response was "as long as youre at the church in time for pictures, have at it!" So me and my wedding...
  8. youngbuck2

    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    2022 Hunting has been tough so far. Took the year off from western hunting for the birth of our third child. God is good! Been focusing a bit more on whitetails around home than I usually do. Rifle season was the worst (its never bad) Ive had in my 20 years of hunting in terms of number of deer...
  9. youngbuck2

    Who else is...

    I took this year off from our annual elk hunt due to having a kid this fall, so in turn my training became a lesser priority with a new born. Now getting back into the swing of things, hunting whitetails and preparing for trapping, and predator hunting, I remember how fast your "shape" goes...
  10. youngbuck2

    What guns have you bought this year?

    I picked up a TC Compass in .223 last January. Nice little gun to have around for coyotes and other critters that desire. I was also gifted a Henry .44 for my birthday earlier this month! My wife has expressed interest in wanting a new rifle, so i might look at getting her something she can take...
  11. youngbuck2

    2022 Whitetail Success Thread!

    Saturday? Or did you weather the hurricane winds we had all day sunday? I only seen 2 deer all day yesterday, both were bucks, cruising.
  12. youngbuck2

    Investments - what has served you well?

    Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated.
  13. youngbuck2

    Investments - what has served you well?

    These are all details and questions that are yet to be ironed out. Causing some questions for concern as well. Like Malllardsx2, this is also the sellout/retirement plan of our owner. Generally, it appears that if our retirement stay the same and separate it should be a safe option for...
  14. youngbuck2

    Investments - what has served you well?

    Any of you fellow outdoorsmen familiar with ESOP? My company is transitioning to ESOP this year and while it seems to be all good, a few of us have some reservations. Mainly due to lack of knowledge on the setup and how it works. I understand that the details of each particular setup will be...
  15. youngbuck2

    Eastmans' Survey

  16. youngbuck2

    2022 Fishing thread

    Been able to sneak out a few times with the family on the hard water and catch some fish and make memories when the weather is too cold to chase bobcat. My kids are 3&5 and really enjoy spending time in the fish house. Im headed to Mille Lacs lake in Central MN this weekend. Hope we can find a...
  17. youngbuck2

    Where is everyone?

    I joined this forum a few years back, (2016 i think) to try and gain knowledge and insight as I was fresh into western hunting. This forum has provide feedback in more ways than one, for which Im extremely grateful! I have made a point to keep working on my knowledge base for hunting rolling...
  18. youngbuck2

    Spring Bear Hunt

    My wife has shown interest in venturing out from our typical whitetail hunting here in MN, specifically showing interest in Bear hunting! So im kicking around the idea of putting together a spring bear hunt in Montana. My initial thought is somewhere outside of grizz country. I dont have any...
  19. youngbuck2

    Colorado 4th Season Updates

    Im curious what the harvest reports will tell us....its been a weird year for a lot of places and species. Harvest reports for whitetail here in MN are way down this year as well. It was unseasonably warm for the first half of that too.
  20. youngbuck2

    Colorado 4th Season Updates

    The structure of our trip, make decisions and or the ability to move miles away tough with horses, cabin, short season, etc. All of which I know is our choice. Im hoping it was just an off year and next year will be better! Time will tell...