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  1. BobJohansen

    Backpack Fit

    I've got a Tenzing TZ6000 and I love the pack until I get over 25 pounds in it. It seems to put all the weight to my shoulders and not to the waist belt. Am I doing something wrong as far as torso adjustment, waist belt position, load lifters, etc.? I feel like it should be able to handle...
  2. BobJohansen

    Pile pics..

    Had my best year to date. Two people to thank; the big man up above and my wife. Lots of different kinds of ducks and the hunts to get them. Next season will be here before we know it!
  3. BobJohansen

    2016 Waterfowl Season in Pictures!

    Couple recent successful hunts. Teal hunt was one of the more fun hunts I have been on in awhile.
  4. BobJohansen

    Draw Question

    In a situation where a preference point tag has, for example, 2 licenses left but the next in line according to preference points is a group with 3 people in it, how is that handled?
  5. BobJohansen

    WY Success

    Was able to score on a couple antelope last week DIY style. Pretty gratifying to have all the research pay off. My dad and I with our antelope. Such cool country.
  6. BobJohansen

    Getting to the top

    Just got back from some time in the backcountry. After tagging out on antelope we went up to look around for future potential big game hunts. We left the trailhead and hiked to a mountain lake at 8700ft. From camp we were at the bottom of drainage that led to the highcountry at 10k+. We...
  7. BobJohansen

    Wood Vs Composite Stock

    On a backpack hunt what is your preference on stock material of your rifle?
  8. BobJohansen

    Antelope Leads to Mule Deer

    I've put a lot of research into mule deer and antelope trying to identify a plan of action. Through MRS, WYGF, Google Maps, talking to WY officials and reading articles online I have come up with a plan I think would be successful. This year for Fall of 2015 I have one PP for goats and am...
  9. BobJohansen

    WY Deer Tag Prices in MRS

    Is this a typo? Everything else on WY Game and Fish says regular is $326 and special is $566.
  10. BobJohansen

    Ice fishing

    Finally got to spend some time on the ice. Got into some perch and walleyes. Mmmmm, tasty. Same trip got a dandy 26.5" overnight. Still looking for ellusive 30"+ Winter continues to be a goofy one here in southern MN. Not a lot of ice and some crazy ice formations.
  11. BobJohansen

    Shoot Straight

    Hello all, been a member on the site for a bit now but realized I never introduced myself. Figured this would be a good time as I've got a lot of it. I've been sitting bedside waiting for my first child to be born and things are moving kind of slow! Passed the time with lots of research and...
  12. BobJohansen

    Eureka! thoughts

    I am looking into the possibility of a backcountry hunt withing the next few years (hopefully, after wedding, kids, etc. slow down!) and was wondering any thoughts on Eureka tents/bags/packs. I have an opportunity to get their products for a good price and was thinking of stocking up. Any...
  13. BobJohansen

    Rookie Help for Mule Deer

    My dad and I are looking to put a hunt together for the fall of 2014 for mulies. We went on an antelope hunt two falls ago and got the western hunting bug right now. Being from flat land corn country Minnesota we are wet behind the ears to say the least. We have just been buying points the...