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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Good luck. I'll be there in 8 days!
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    Elk call strategies

    All, what is your call strategy for elk during the middle of September in a mid-pressure type area of Colorado?
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    Altitude Sickness- who has gotten it?

    I get a mild case starting about 9500 ft. Maybe a slight headache or tiredness. Usually by the 2nd day I've acclimated and I'm better.
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    250 mile migration

    Wow DougW!!! That's a heck of a 1st post. Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning? We like to share good, positive stories. No need to get all negative.
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    The Whitetail Success Thread

    Super pumped for my daughter. She got it done opening weekend on her 1st deer!
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    Antelope burgers

    So I'm thinking about making some burgers out of some ground antelope I have. The meat I have is straight ground antelope. What has worked for you when mixing for your burger so it stays together and tastes good? Yes, I realize I put this in the reloading cook em up instead of the cooking...
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    I'm looking into getting a crossbow for my daughter and wife to use. More so my daughter. I figure it is a good way to get her into hunting sooner and they are legal where I live. I've never owned one. Anyone have recommendations for small framed people or what to look for when buying one?
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    Casper, WY info

    So I'll be in Casper this October. Any recommendations on things to see, do, or places to eat? Since we will be hunting and may choose to use a butcher shop. Any recommendations?
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    Unit 73 Antelope hunt places to stay

    My family and I will be traveling to unit 73 for an antelope hunt this fall. My wife does not want to camp for as long as we plan to be in the area with our kids going and the potential for bad weather. Besides the hotels in Casper are there any recommendations for places to stay that might...
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    New unit.....apprehension and FUN!

    My wife and I each drew 2 antelope doe tags in the Wyoming draw yesterday. This year will find us in unit 73 by Casper hoping to fill our coolers. I cant wait. I chose this unit as a possible buck hunt for the future so I thought this would get me some boots on the ground. Ive never hunted...
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    Morel Mushrooms

    It has been awhile since I've had morel mushrooms. What is your favorite recipe?
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    Wyoming antelope doe hunt suggestions

    This fall my wife and I will be visiting SD with our kids for there kids fall break. Plan on doing the Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Badlands, etc thing. After we are done there we plan on going into Wyoming to shoot a few doe antelope and maybe a doe deer if I can line up areas. My...
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    Wyoming 2016 antelope doe leftover tag list

    Anyone mind sharing there copy of the 2016 antelope doe leftover tag list with me.
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    28 Nosler

    Anyone try a 28 Nosler. Thoughts and impressions? Looking at the ballistics it seems like a hot shooting gun with some good power.
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    Veteran Hunts

    All, My brother will officially be discharged from the Marines on Friday and while he was enlisted I had been telling him that we will go on a Western hunt (probably elk) when he gets out. However, not looking for sympathy by any means, but when he comes out he will have a disability giving him...
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    Gun recommendation

    So I believe I have the caliber of my next gun picked out, but I would like some recommendations on brand of gun. I've been leaning towards another Tikka or Sako, but thought I would see what else is on the market that you fellow forum members would recommend that maybe I have not checked out...
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    Whitetail Success!

    Had a little cooler weather yesterday, relatively speaking, before a nice 80 deg warm spell is supposed to set in starting today and continue for the next few I had to get out last night. Worked in my favor. I have a treestand overlooking a river crossing where I routinely watch...
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    Tikka for women and youths

    So I bought a new side x side and unknown to me it came with a coupon for a free gun. Horrible problem to have.;) However, the dealership that I have to use the coupon for does not carry much for options and really doesn't want to special order anything. However, Tikka is an option and I have...