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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    2014 CO 4th Season Rifle
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    A 9 Year Wait

    Well after nine years of waiting I finally drew and tag in CO for 4th season. Conditions were tough but the payoff was well worth the wait! Hope everyone had a great hunting season! Only 7 months till archery season!!!
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    4 POINTS and don't know what to do - WY

    Ok - Season's just getting underway but I can't help but start thinking about next year...I've got 4 points for deer in WY and am wondering what you guys would do with them... Statistics would say try to draw Region G, but with Region D and several new limited units near home (I live in Fort...
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    2015 Planning

    I know its a long ways away, but with putting in for points in other states and counting on drawing those tags, WY will be 2015 before I can get up there to chase some elk. So here are my questions, and if anyone needs help in CO, feel free to fire right back. Always happy to share information...
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    With a Little Luck

    Just a few more weeks and these boys keep showing up at the camera's. Should be a good season. Good Luck to everyone!