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  1. spotnstalk1

    WY Type 2 Elk Permits

    Howdy! Almost application season time! Non-resident WY elk is up first! I have enough points to draw a type 2 rifle elk tag. I'm most interested in hunting the archery tag. I know type 1 permits allow you to purchase the archery stamp and hunt the archery season. Does a type 2 permit have the...
  2. spotnstalk1

    Recurve kills

    Utah archery bull from 2016
  3. spotnstalk1

    Too Many Hunts?

    How many hunts in a fall is too many hunts?? Obviously, finances, vacation time, work & family obligations all play a part and will be different for each individual. But assuming you're a typical working class american like we are, working 40-50 hours a week, only scouting for 2-3 days on the...
  4. spotnstalk1

    Animals in Packs!

    2014 Utah Wasatch Front Rifle Buck
  5. spotnstalk1

    Utah Expo Draw Results

    I got skunked again this year. At least I donated to a good cause. Anyone ever had any luck with an expo tag? Not sure how I feel about giving all our tags away in a "raffle" while draw odds keep climbing but the $ does go to conservation, at least.
  6. spotnstalk1

    CO High Country Archery Muleys - 3 NR points

    With 3 NR Colorado Mule Deer points, what units would you recommend trying to draw? Looking to archery hunt the high country with camp on my back, willing to hike as deep as needed. How was the winter in CO this year? Do you think it's a good year to burn points? I don't have to kill a "booner"...
  7. spotnstalk1

    To glue or not glue

    I've had mine now for a few years. Can't say I really use them anymore during the heat of the moment on a hunt. Now it's more of a convenience thing when I'm at the range. But they're there if I need them. I glued mine with some Goat Tuff and have not had to replace them in the 2-3 years they...
  8. spotnstalk1

    Late season elk rut video - Team Backcountry

    Team Backcountry calls in a late season rutting bull to 20 yards
  9. spotnstalk1

    Through The Years with Team Backcountry

    Short clip of some hunts through the years with Team Backcountry.
  10. spotnstalk1

    Team Backcountry short video clip
  11. spotnstalk1

    Second Choice Archery Deer Tag

    Since all my archery hunts are basically over, I'm thinking about next season. I've got 3 non resident CO deer points and I'm wondering if I'll be able to draw a decent backcountry hunt as my second choice and still keep building points or will I have to cash my points in to draw a legit tag...
  12. spotnstalk1

    South Africa Hunt Raffle - Shoot The Backcountry

    Shoot The Backcountry 3D Archery Shoot at Brian Head Resort in southern Utah on July 27-28 will be giving away a 2 Person Hunt to South Africa. Pay $20 to shoot 3 arrows at the "Iron Target" and each killzone shot will get your name in the raffle. AND/OR pay $50 to purchase tickets outright...
  13. spotnstalk1

    Best 3-Layer, Ultralight Weight Rain Gear

    Hey wondering what thoughts were on the best 3-layer, ultralight weight backpacking rain gear out there?
  14. spotnstalk1

    Big Bull...tough to guess score

    Here's the second pic. not great by any means but helps a little.
  15. spotnstalk1

    Big Bull...tough to guess score

    Anyone dare to guess the score? Curious what you guys think...
  16. spotnstalk1

    Shoot The Backcountry-Brian Head Resort, UT-July 27-28, 2012

    New shoot flyer I had designed by C3Engage. Let me know what you guys think! I hope to see you there!
  17. spotnstalk1

    NM archery elk application in!!!

    I just finished applying for the NM archery elk hunt. I applied myself and my old man. Hopefully one of us can draw something. Who else is applying to hunt archery elk in NM??
  18. spotnstalk1

    Shoot The Backcountry-Brian Head Resort, UT-July 27-28, 2012

    Shoot The Backcountry-Annual 3D summer archery shoot taking place in southern Utah at Brian Head Resort July 27-28, 2012. This is a fun shoot where participants will shoot realistic uphill/downhill angles with up to 40 3D targets throughout the course. Guest speaker Marc Smith(see video) will be...
  19. spotnstalk1

    GoPro or ContourRoam??

    Looking into buying either a GoPro or ContourRoam to film hunts. Wondering if anyone has experience with either camera? Which is better to film hunts?
  20. spotnstalk1

    CO Archery Deer-Unit 67, Unit 63, or something else?

    Hey. Any help is appreciated. I am a non-resident with 2 preference points. I would like to draw a unit to archery hunt mule deer on my second choice to keep my points. Just wondering if anyone had any advice for a good unit that I'd have at least a chance to draw with 2 points/2nd choice. I'd...