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    So...Colorado GMU 481

    GMU 481 is a heck of a unit and probably the most mentally demanding of any unit I've hunted. We spent Sept. 9-16 covering as much of the unit as we could. The moon was bright, temps were high, until a cool front came through then the rain came and just wouldn't go away. We were able to get into...
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    WY NR license increase

    Agree, give them this one. Historically depending on the unit the special tag was moot and you could have better success drawing in the std NR pool.
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    Still Procrastinating?

    Can't argue with your logic. I have a buddy or two that think like that...they also wonder why we don't have the same number of points anymore.
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    Colorado Primary Draw Results will be Posted Online May 31-June 3

    I second this...I understand the complexity of trying to get everyone on the same page but man it would be nice to know if you weren't drawn in the CO primary you still had time to hit up WYO or another state.
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    Wyoming Unit 72

    Hunted the east side of poison spider a few years was a fun unit with plenty of goats. Access is choppy and the locals were very respectable if you respected them. Hell's half acre isnt far away, I never made it due to the wet weather that year.
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    So...Colorado GMU 481

    I was hoping that was the case I hadnt seen a branch antler restriction yet.
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    So...Colorado GMU 481

    Looks like the group will be putting in for Muzzleloader elk in GMU 481. Other than being high, nasty, and haven for hikers. Does anyone have anything good to say about it? Sitting on 4 points and poured over data from the state, Eastmans tags and others. The best I can come up with is you can...
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    10 years

    Good luck, have fun...and enjoy the experience of hunting out west.
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    Portable shooting benches

    I know a guy that shattered his windshield... Lumber prices are a mess all over...there was a time here in the midwest the big box stores didnt have treated all. Now most shops have price adjusted in stock items. We've been using a 4' lifetime folding table and bag chairs to be...
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    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

    Nice goat.
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    Got drawn for Unit 10 mule deer. Now what???

    I'm going to highjack the thread a minute and ask about the "Mine Activity Areas" in Thunder Basin...are these areas hunt-able outside the fence? The National Forest MVUM only says the roads are subject to relocation due to mining activities.
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    Bullet choices?

    I've standardized on the 140gr Nosler AccuBond for .270...there is a group I load for all three shoot the same round and all have had great success, elk, lope, deer.
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    Access Yes

    Access Yes is a great program, I donate when I purchase a tag. As a nonresident hunter I donate to Search and Rescue...not that I expect to need but on the off chance I do I can tell them to fly my butt out first because those buddies there with me didn't donate to the cause.:LOL:
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    Sons first elk!!!

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    Spotting Scope tri-pods and windows mounts...

    I am looking for recommendations for a solid tripod and maybe even a window mount for my spotting scope (Vortex Viper HD 20x60x85). I am sure with all of the knowledge floating around here there are plenty of folks who wont mind sharing the good the bad and the ugly. Thanks.
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    OnXMaps...disappointment...some upside

    Skip my vent session, if this has been covered before... It appears that the ONXMAPS:Multi-State Regional Chips have been retired. I typically go through the update process on my chips around this time every year. While I am sure it was a business decision that makes $ense for he company, for...
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    Colorado Elk Unit 500

    Well a buddy and I drew first rifle season elk tags in Unit 500. With maps and chips in hand (we like to try and cover the basics.) I thought I would toss out a line and see if anyone had anything to share on this unit. A few locals have told us the fishing is good but didn't say anything about...
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    CO second season diy elk

    Well folks that's that. We've pulled out of CO and were skunked, a first for us, 0 for 3. The weather was tough the pressure even tougher. We hunted 8,500ft to 10,400 and put 6-8 miles on a day walked though the pumpkin patch and still never did get on an elk. Mules were abundant...a big thanks...
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    Backup Plan OTC Elk Unit 5

    So, for the first time we are implementing our backup plan OTC elk in GMU 5 in Co during the second rifle season...does anyone have any area knowledge they are willing to share? I have the chips and been on the co and looked at the hunt atlas. We are looking to diy and hunt from our camper...any...
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    Historical Left Over Tags WYO Antelope...

    So, I'm looking for the left over tag information for the last few years as it relates to Wyoming Antelope...I've seen it and dont know where...does anyone mind tossing me a bone. Thanks