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  1. D_Dubya


    my 16 yo daughter killed a Muley in Colorado with a Muzzleloader back in September. Worked out great because my wife was able to hike up and help pack too…I pretty much didn’t have to pack anything out. I was unsuccessful on my first season elk hunt but I helped my buddy get n his first...
  2. D_Dubya

    Wife First Elk

    Congrats! Nice bull
  3. D_Dubya

    Secondary Draw for Big Game Tags

    My daughter drew both a muzzleloader buck and bull tag (same unit), my son struck out. Should be a great hunt, same unit she killed a bull in last year on a second draw tag, she is walking on air.
  4. D_Dubya

    Secondary Draw for Big Game Tags

    If I was a resident I would probably be unhappy with the lack of a R/NR split…but I’m not so I’ll count my NR blessings, put my kids in and hope for the best. Last year my daughter killed a bull and my son killed a nice buck, both on second draw tags. I will say, the second draw has created...
  5. D_Dubya

    Secondary Draw for Big Game Tags

    Tuesday would be my guess. Second draw has been pretty good to my kids the last two years, two good 2nd season deer tags and one first rifle elk. Both kids struck out on all their applications this year but got points, hopefully they’ll have some luck again in the 2nd draw.
  6. D_Dubya

    2023 draw results

    Drew first rifle elk in my “home away from home” unit.
  7. D_Dubya

    I drew a Colorado G12 mountain goat tag. Any help is welcome.

    I don’t know much about Mountain goats, but I have seen them regularly the last couple of years in the southern part of that unit around Whiterock Mountain and Teocalli Mt.
  8. D_Dubya

    Opinions needed for Daughter's new rifle

    7mm-08 is hard to beat, a little less recoil than a .308 win but definitely gets the job done. Like Buzz said, shot placement trumps all, and the best way to achieve perfect shot placement is practice. FWIW, my daughter killed a bull two days before her 16th birthday last year with a 7mm-08...
  9. D_Dubya

    Africa Lion Hunt Next Level

    Definitely seems stupid putting the crossbow in the pic at the end. Probably could have had the same result with a BB gun.
  10. D_Dubya

    2023 NM Draw

    Nothing for my immediate household, but my Dad drew a buck tag in a unit we’ve had success in before, so I’ll be taking him on that hunt in late October.
  11. D_Dubya

    What do you think you'll draw 2023

    I’ll draw a first season Colorado elk tag for a unit I know very well. I put the kids in for deer, elk and Antelope in NM - odds aren’t good but who knows. If they don’t draw in NM I’ll put them in for the “kids” draw in Colorado. Points only everywhere else.
  12. D_Dubya

    Still more non rez actions

    I bet the cost of virtually every NR tag in the west could double and they would still sell every single one.
  13. D_Dubya

    Neighbor Sent Me the First Sign Of Spring

    This was our first sign that we skipped spring at the start of the month.
  14. D_Dubya

    Moose Causing Climate Change

    Just another anecdote about how incredibly stupid the radical environmentalists have become, though this one will be hard to top in the stupid department!
  15. D_Dubya

    The Memes Thread!

    That will definitely make them want to pitch a tent!
  16. D_Dubya

    2023 NM Draw

    Yep, I’ll be putting in for Deer, Elk and Antelope for me, my wife, both kids and my Dad. We’ll probably get at least one tag out of that. Pick some hunts and wait for the day of the “Red Dawn” sometime in April. Some lucky jerk is going to hit some primo tags, might as well be me!
  17. D_Dubya

    Anyone bake pies?

    My wife makes great pies, she does let me run the apple slicer/peeler/corer contraption when making apple pie. Then I am ordered to vacate the kitchen.
  18. D_Dubya

    Leatherman - Great Company

    My experience with them has been the same, excellent service. Has made me buy their products several more times.
  19. D_Dubya

    The Memes Thread!

    I must admit, from time to time I still pull a “Biden” on fresh fired shotgun shells