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  1. TruckerJay

    Lightweight Boots

    Danners High Ground are pretty good too if you need more options from them. LOWA Tibet are okay, was a tad bit too narrow for my foot though. Upd. Per ColoradoV advice going to try Hoka Speedgoats+gators next weekend since local store had a huge sale on Hoka shoes
  2. TruckerJay

    75-25% for Colorado

    So would this go into power only after 2024 or starting this year? Gonna re-read it, but couldn't really understand. And if there any good article reviews on this? I've been only readong TruthAboutGuns, Eastmans and over last months...
  3. TruckerJay

    Colorado 2nd Rifle weather

    That's a really nice deer! Was it his first buck? If it's not a secret - which rifle were he using? I'm currently looking for a gift to my nephew. My brother was always huge into hunting, and so is his son :D I've read a few guides on youth hunting( at
  4. TruckerJay

    Thoughts on Browning White/Gran/Feather Lightning

    It's a really good investment in my book(2.5 gran for shotgun might sound a bit high). Good choice to go with 20ga over 16, gonna be so much easier to find ammo :D P.S Nice photos, man this stock is looking HOT!
  5. TruckerJay

    Vortex Scope V-Plex or Deadhold BDC

    I'd say BDC but it's mostly matter of preference. If you can demo both and see what you like - go for it. But personally, I'd go with BDC. Upd. I've read a few articles on V-plex, and yeah, it's decent. Still would go with BDC though.