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    Son’s first elk

    My son shot his first elk in Wyoming on Monday. We have been purchasing PPs since he was 12, and the plan has been that we would go hunting after he graduated college. We left Upper Michigan on 9/7 headed for the mountains and now we’re back in Michigan. After all the planning I can’t believe...
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    ATF Wants Powder Registered

    About 20 years ago we were burning some garbage and somehow one of my 300 wby cartridges was in the garbage. Long story short, very loud bang, the bullet was only about 1 inch in front of the casing after it blew, but a 1/4" X 3/8" peace of the casing blow off striking me in the forearm. Just...
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    Heading Out to the Mountains

    Good Luck!!! My son and I head out next week.
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    Nevada Draw Results

    That's must have been a great surprise, congratulations!
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    CO Family Dies in Mtns Trying to Live off the Grid

    Spending the winter at 9500 feet in a tent with no experience, ouch really sad!
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    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    I get real nervous with these new cartridges, if they do not get popular, will you be able to get ammo or brass 10 years from now? When the short mags were all the rage one of my buddies bought the 7mm rem short action ultra mag. I don't see or hear much about that cartridge anymore. I have...
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    The new age of Hunting

    Even at 300 or 400 yards by the time you get to where you thought the animal was standing, it can take a while to find exactly where it was. I would imagine this being very difficult when you push that distance to 1000 yards or more. The only way I can see this working is if you have several...
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    Sad Duty Today

    My condolences, not fun stuff.
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    2023 MT Moose & Sheep Draw Mistake

    Ouch, that would really suck, I wonder if those folks started spending money for their trip already.
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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

    My son drew a type 1
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    Opinions needed for Daughter's new rifle

    I purchased the Weatherby vangaurd Camilla for my wife and daughter a couple years ago. I got it in 7mm-08 but it also comes in 308. It is designed for women with a shorter length of pull and more drop to the stock to fit a typical women's longer neck making it much more comfortable for a lady...
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    Dumbell exercises

    I would caution you on going to the 60-80 pound dumbells. In my 30s and 40s I worked out everyday with a friend, we did the same thing you are talking about, the 50 lb dumbells were not enough so we went with 80 lbs. The only problem for us was as we approached 50 years old the heavier...
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    Memories of Hunts Past

    About 2 years after my dad passed, we lost all of his mounts and antlers in a fire. That really sucked, it was hard to look at them without remembering when they were shot and the stories that went along with it.
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    Lightweight Boots

    Agree with the Danner Pronghorns, they are great for a year or so but I wore out the soles pretty quickly.
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    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    I've been going to Wyoming almost every year since 2001 and the decline is obvious just from driving through the state.
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    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    Why not just eliminate Doe tags for this year until the extent of the die off is known. I can't imagine that they will truly understand the impact of this winter until May or June.
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    Does anyone still hunt turkeys?

    Where I’m at it depends on the time of year, spring to early fall they are spooky as heck, late fall through winter they seem like the dumbest things you’ve ever seen.
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    Points only for me and my kids.
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    New muzzleloader talk

    Illinois must be a really safe place to live with all their firearm restrictions! LOL
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    Another article on Wyoming's tough winter

    How is the rest of the state looking? Like the bighorn basin?