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    Moose Hunt 2017

    G5 100gr at 30 yds. Bull traveled approx. 70 yds and dropped dead. My arrow passed through and landed 15 ft behind him in the brush. It did hit rib bone and then deflected upwards through the chest cavity. The broadhead looked just fine afterwards. I would definitely have no reservations...
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    Meat locker in Buena Vista area?

    Can anyone refer me to a good meat locker in the Buena Vista area? For hanging big game and possibly processing it. Thanks, Clint
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    Washington Moose 2013

    Here is the moose I harvested in Washington. 30 yd shot with a bow. Only traveled about 50 yds then the work began!
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    tips for finding deer above timberline

    Here's an example of a ribbon cliff and how the deer use them.]