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    It's almost time!

    Five more days till we are doing what we love again, I'm nursing a back injury so I'm gonna have to take the first week slower than normal, but will be out and about. Good luck to everyone. .
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    Spring Turkeys

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone could give advice as to where a guy might start looking to hunt spring turkeys in eastern MT ( a over the counter spot)? Don't expect anybody to give up there secret spot but was hoping someone could point me in the general direction. I have hunted Eastern...
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    float hunt for moose

    Alaska has always interested me and so have moose. I have twin nine year old sons and would like to plan a moose hunt possibly a river float style hunt for when they graduate high school. I know this is planning a little in advance but I figure better to soon than not soon enough. My question...
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    calling black bears

    what about using predator calls for black bears? Anybody tried it what calls do you use?