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  1. Sfjeeper

    X Zone tag filled

    Good looking buck for sure. Congratulations!
  2. Sfjeeper

    2020 CA applications

    They're up. What did you get?
  3. Sfjeeper

    Let's see something old

    Some blacktail deer my grandfather got around 1935. The young boy in the picture is my father. He's 83 now.
  4. Sfjeeper

    So this happened

    My brother had his ram officially scored at 173 B&C.
  5. Sfjeeper

    So this happened

    My brother took this elk at Grizzly Island back before there was a point system.
  6. Sfjeeper

    So this happened

    So just 3 years after I drew the golden ticket desert bighorn sheep tag in California, my brother drew one a well. We were told we are the first brothers to draw sheep tags in California. He took this sheep in January.
  7. Sfjeeper

    Another sheep hunt!

    It looks like I get to go on another desert bighorn sheep hunt in California. After drawing my sheep tag in 2013, my brother just drew a San Gorgonio Mountain sheep tag!
  8. Sfjeeper

    Things found while Hunting

    It's amazing how many arrowheads are found. Found this one and a few others last year.
  9. Sfjeeper

    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    With near freezing temperatures in the morning and very warm days, the Fjallraven Keb pants and Timber Buck jacket would have been very nice to have had on this antelope hunt.
  10. Sfjeeper

    Lassen Period 1 Antelope Success

    Got back Wednesday from Susanville, where my brother had drawn a period 1 antelope tag. We hunted sun up till sundown four straight days. We hiked many miles, and covered a lot of ground. Although we saw antelope everyday, we just couldn't get within range. Then, on the morning of the fifth...
  11. Sfjeeper

    Mojave Desert Bighorn

    Happy to get my sheep up on the wall.
  12. Sfjeeper

    Fishing trip

    Nice halibut. I caught a octopus a while back at the Farralons. Reeled it up from around 300'. Took better part of an hour to get him to the surface. .
  13. Sfjeeper

    Mojave Desert Bighorn

    It was June 15th 2013 when I opened the mailbox and found a letter from the California Department of Fish and Game. I quickly opened it up. Then, I stood there for a couple of minutes in shock. I had to read the letter a few times to get it to sink in. I had just been drawn for the Kelso/Old...
  14. Sfjeeper

    Another Californian

    Hello everyone, I've subscribed to Eastman's magazine and have been visiting this site on an off for years. I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories, and decided it was time to join and contribute myself. I'm born and raised in Northern California. I currently reside outside Sacramento...