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  1. BossBrott

    Good luck

    Pulling a tag will be the hard part, best of luck.
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    B Zone Buck With a Handgun

    Nice b,acktail, congrats.
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    Anti Newsome petition, please sign

    If he refuses to follow the constitution he must go, thanks fellas.
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    Last Saturday snow trip

    The wife and I arrived late Friday evening and it was coming down pretty good. Woke up at 630, walked down to the dock and took a couple pics as the sun tried to make a showing. Awesome foggy fresh coat of snow. Horrible fish pic, sorry for its weakness. 31"7# Mack for the smoker
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    Any Goodale reports/pics?

    Let's see em.
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    Who's headed out and where

    For the storm this weekend? Well the stars aligned and me and my 17yo daughter ,Emily, finally get to squeeze in a Saturday hunt. She and I have been having the damdest time with managing our time, seems someone else is always doing our managing lately! I'm certainly hoping to post a pic Sat...
  7. BossBrott

    My 7b buck

    Well, I was set to hunt for the first nine days of the season, but it didn't pan out that way. I'd made my way into an area I had scouted a very nice buck back in July. The only thing that had changed was the amount of water on the ground. Lots of puddles here and there which made the forest a...
  8. BossBrott

    Outdoor Heritage Network Please take a minute to sign the family up to OHN. It's a united front to combat anti hunting/anti gun/ anti outdoor legislation. It's cheap, easy, and aligns us ALL to collectively fight left leaning legislation. We've been waiting for far to long for...
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    Grouse, MQ numbers

    During last weeks archery opener we found quite a few of each. Many more quail than grouse, but the prospects are very nice. I'm led to believe if I'm finding plenty of birds, larger quarry is nearby. It's going to be a fun season,,,fur and feathers
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    SB53, sign the petition! We NEED every signature we can muster. The antis never sleep, and frankly, neither should we! Sign it and defeat them bastards!
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    Blacktail are small

    Except for him! Two years gone by without a trace, would love to see him this year....nothing better thus far
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    Sportsmanship Act of 2014

    Sportsmans Act of 2014 Sportsmans Act of 2014 Sportsman's Act of 2014 The Sportsman's Act of 2014 is being considered by Congress, and the HSUS is rallying their membership to oppose it. I’m posting this and hoping people will call Boxer and Feinstein to let them know we support the...
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    Out here in the pacific flyway were still hunting in tshirts. Temps are in the high 70's, and we haven't seen decent rainfall in quite awhile. What water is available is shooting ok, although November is typically a shitty waterfowling month, much better upland weather. Come December, hopefully...
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    Pic check!

    pupbigger puphuntin pup Turns out "pup" loves her new "jacket". Happier times to come!
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    Who's going where? Have no resis in hand, so prolly head to the grizz. Goddamn politicians have the fed refuges closed, so options are limited. These two girls are so fired up for duckseason, its gonna be a great year!
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    Where's this?
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    I've hunted all three 3,4, and 5, but d3 keeps pulling me back. I've pulled deer from all 3, d5 having the most mulies, but d3 seems to have more animals. What's your experience? With about 10%+/- success rate, a lot of the zone goes untouched IMO. Spending a considerable amount of time up...
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    Struggling with Area 10!

    I'd located a good buck the evening before, made one hell of a stalk, traversing what seemed like 2000'. When I crested the ridge, I was looking right directly down on 2 bucks who figured the gig was up. As they were running down and across the bowl, this fella hesitated for a split second to...
  20. BossBrott

    Struggling with Area 10!

    South facing slope. The grey dots on the upper 2/3, that's what your looking for.