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    Bear with Spear controversy
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    Antelope 4 Ways

    A lot of you guys make me hungry with your cooking post. I thought I would return the favor. Served up a lot of "Wyoming " Antelope this weekend. Cheese & Jalapeno Summer Sausage , Peppered Antelope Burger, Cheese & Jalapeno Bratwursts and Antelope Jerky. As always it was great, everyone...
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    Neighborhood kids

    Here's couple kids we found the other day, fortunately we found their mother and got them back to her. That's not me in the picture it's one of my officers ( I am better looking ) . A lot of does have already dropped their young in TN.
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    Perfect lamp for deer hunter !

    Saw this out of New York , the deer came away fine after running into a tree. USA TODAY .
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    Remington 760 Gamemaster

    I run across this Remington 760 Game Master 30.06 in a pawn shop the other day. I have a 742 Rem. Carbine and had always wanted the 760 version and have looked for one just have and to play with. Never had a pump action rifle. This one was in exceptional condition and I thought the price was...
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    Nephew 1st Antelope

    Just got back couple of days ago from our Wyoming Antelope hunt around New Castle. Everyone in our party of 5 took an Antelope but the best part was my 15 yr. old nephew whom had never hunted Antelope took his 1st one at 210 yards. I am not sure who was happier him, his dad or me. He is pumped...
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    Heading Out For The Hunt

    Glad it's Friday I will be packing up this weekend and making the 1300 mile trip out to Wyoming to chase the Antelope. Should be lot's of fun. Taking my nephew who has never been Antelope hunting before or to Wyoming. Hope to show him the sights and a bunch of speed goats.
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    Snakes during the season

    I have posted this picture before on another thread but I have hunted antelope for about 15 years in Wyoming and had not ran across a rattler until this one in 2013 while hunting around New Castle. This was after the big snow storm that came in and killed a lot of livestock. It was different...
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    Wyoming Antelope Draw Results TODAY !

    Wyoming draw results, out including Non-residents, Drew second choice tag on Antelope like I had planned, my whole party will at least get to go hunting ! How did everyone else do! Hopefully you were successful ! Good Luck !
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    Dream Combo Hunt - What and Where

    We got time now with the lazy days of summer so let's dream ! I have often wondered if I was given a combo hunt for 2 species with a great chance to harvest both, anywhere what would it be. Would it be Africa, Alaska , New Zealand ect. and what for, so for me it would be either Africa for Cape...
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    Turkey Fever

    Guys I do not get in the " Zone " very often but this is my second bird of the season on my second morning hunt. My bird on the top of this thread was a good one but this one is really a good bird. My best so far 26 lbs. 11 inch beard and 1 3/8 spurs. I just hope my luck will hold till fall...
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    Would have loved to have the YETI coolers for this hunt in Texas for battling the Texas heat ! YETI would have erased my worries about keeping ice ! The Kenetrek boots would have been great for the Texas brush and the Gerber Knife set would have been a big help on the Javelina and the deer !
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    Turkey Fever

    Things are warming up and so are the Turkeys, Took this 24.5 lb. 11-inch Beard Tom on Saturday opening day ! Some times luck is as good as skill, he was not going to leave his hens but couple of purrs brought him just close enough for a look a look with his group of hens to smack him with...
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    New Mexico Tags

    Got my applications in for New Mexico Elk "" again " I believe I sub-consciously love rejection ! I sure have had my part when it comes to drawing tags especially in New Mexico ! I rubbed my rabbit's foot, squeezed my 4 - leaf clover and rubbed a red head kid what did I leave out?
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    Punkin Head Deer

    I thought being this close to Halloween some of you might get a kick out of seeing this. This deer was seen for about 3 days roaming neighborhoods with this head gear, asked my officers not shoot deer unless it was a last resort. The deer was limited in what it could see but officers could not...
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    Horses, Horns, Pack Strings....

    Here are a couple from a hunt were I took an elk in Wyoming, Area 7 . Pardon the fashion statement on the pants & gaitors.
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    Rattle snake tips.

    I was hunting this year around New Castle WY. for antelope and came across this. I thought snow on the ground was sure sign you did not have to worry about rattlesnakes, boy was is wrong !
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    Thanks for the Opportunity

    Hey members thanks for the opportunity to communicate with other hunters. My name is Frank Gray, born and raised in Tennessee where I still live. Grew up hunting whitetails, in 1993 went on my 1st Elk hunt in Colorado and took a elk, hooked every since. Have made the trip out west almost every...