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    Why your 30.06 sucks

    After the last couple divisive posts, here's one we can all agree on....... We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum civility....
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    First antelope pics

    I know, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.... Here's mine POST UP YOURS TOO Something to look at to get us ready for the draw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    0 points advise needed

    I have a group of 6 guys with no points . Not looking for your honey holes just a spot to kill nice respectable 75-78" bucks.
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    Atlantic flyway report

    Sucks! Nothing to see here..... I am so jealous of you guys that have good waterfowl hunting.
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    What do you guys think of Laramie as a place to retire?
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    480/277's Top Five Wyoming Antelope Picks

    1. Unit 16-1: In the heart of Sheridan County, do a quick search and this unit comes up often and for good reason . It has everything that makes Wyoming antelope hunting what it is. If you have max points NOW is the time to spend them and you can do no better than unit 16. This area has seen...
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    Public Service Announcement Wy NR Antelope Draw

    Don't forget Non Resident Wyoming Antelope applications are due to be in by June 22 deadline . You have about a month to finalize your choice for this year . GOOD LUCK....
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    How many elk do wolves eat in Yellowstone

    We all know Too many
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    What have you done today to prepare for this fall?

    Blind retrieves land and water. Took the fur child for his walk. Now he is belly deep in grass and sun....
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    Wyoming 2014 lope season

    Brought a first time hunter again and had a great trip. Mark killed his buck on the opener, then his doe next day. I killed my buck on the third day. Another good trip. My buck Marks pretty buck
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    Unit 67 scouting

    Well a friend and I hunted unit 16 this week. We finished up sat . So we decided to drive down to 67 to scout for next year as I have 5 pp.'s. Underwhelmed would be an understatement . We saw very few antelopes. Only Two fair bucks, mid 70's I'm glad I didn't burn 5 points there this year.....
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    Don't forget NR Antelope apps due March 31

    Best to go online 28th-30th
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    Anyone get theirs yet?
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    Just wondering, how many posts?

    Before one can ask for unit numbers and gps locations of honey holes.... Don't shoot, Facetious post.
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    Research technics

    So I use the MRS . Think I found a couple good areas. Then I use the search function ( ie unit 114) and the only good area in the whole unit is within the small private land irrigation area to the west. So what other search functions and resources do you guys use for real time answers to good...
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    Draw strategy with 3 points

    Been hunting OTC unit for 3 years, saving points. Would you still bank points considering The drought/winter kill? Or suggest a unit to try to draw? Thinking about 114,78,80,77,75,74,73