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    Beginner Elk Hunt- Wyoming

    Thanks everyone for the advice! Very much appreciated. I'm not totally hung up on shooting a giant bull, so I will likely take that pointer of shooting the first good bull I see. Regarding trespass fees/semi guided, is there a list available anywhere of landowners who will sell trespass...
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    Beginner Elk Hunt- Wyoming

    It'll be rifle, could do a blend of backcountry camp and/or truck camping. Not looking for a booner, but a semi-mature bull would be real nice. I have two able hands who have volunteered to be pack mules! Some time scouting would be a huge help for sure. Thinking maybe the Sierra Madre range...
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    Beginner Elk Hunt- Wyoming

    Hey yall! I've been picking up points in Wyoming for a few years, looking to cash 5 points in for the 2022 elk season. I've been out there once for antelope, and was fortunate enough to draw another tag this year south of the Bighorns (taking my dad on his first western hunt, very excited). I'm...
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    Fishing areas near Casper?

    Hey yall! My buddies and I drew into 113, first antelope hunt! While out there, we were gonna try to work in some small game hunting and fishing. Any pointers for some first time western hunters? Slash, any good fishing areas north of Casper? Thanks!
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    Thoughts on a Bergera HMR in 6.5 creed?

    I was considering picking up a Bergera HMR chambered in 6.5 creedmoor for my next rifle, intending it to be used on game from antelope to elk. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or personal experience with the rifle platform and/or the creedmoor round? Any experience with them would be...
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    Meat care advice

    Good afternoon folks! I was wondering if anyone had any specific tips regarding meat care for a pronghorn harvested in the first few weeks of October? I have a couple very good quality coolers, and was wondering if this forum had any pointers on specific ways to handle after the shot has been...
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    WY cow elk pointers

    Hey folks! I'm heading to WY this year after pronghorn, and have been strongly debating picking up a leftover cow elk tag and trying my hand at filling the freezer with my first elk. I have one elk point, but was looking at trying to pick up a leftover reduced cost tag. I was wondering if...
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    Idaho spring bear advice

    Hey y'all! Stawrting to formulate a game plan for hunting Idaho black bear. I was wondering if y'all had any general bear hunting advice from personal experience, in Idaho preferably but anywhere would be appreciated! Spot and stalk, bait sites, calling, any methods that you've used with...
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    First speed goat hunt

    Hey folks, Coming up on dropping my first application in for a Wyoming pronghorn hunt, just wanted to say that the info given on this forum has helped tremendously in making a more informed decision on where to go and in navigating the applications process! I wish everyone the best of luck in...
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    Unit 21, go or no go

    Good morning folks, I know most of y'all are likely gearing up for or are already after filling your tags for antelope out there, but if anyone has the time or experience to hook me up with some knowledge, I'd greatly appreciate it! Has anyone hunted zone 21? For a zone that is comparatively...
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    1 PP average, 4 man party. First time antelope hunters. Zone advice?...

    Any suggestions on what zone to apply for if you had 1 point average with a 4 man party? We aren't looking for 80" bucks Thanks!
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    Antelope unit advice

    My buddies and I are looking to buy nonres preference points this year with the intent to rifle hunt Wyoming antelope during the 2018 season. I was looking at zones 50, 52, 56, 108 or any that are near the Saratoga area (though we are very open to hunting other places). Do y'all habe any advice...
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    Recommendations for antelope?

    Any suggestions on a firearm for wyoming antelope? I've been using a bolt 22-250 on Missouri whitetail with no issues, and have considered using it out west, but wanted to get some more experienced opinions from those who've hunted in that region.
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    New member

    Greadings! Jonny is my name, I'may new to the Eastman forum but love the content so far. Everyone seems very open and willing to lend advice to anyone. I'm from Missouri, work with wildlife professionally, and have hunted and fished my whole life (as I'm sure most on this forum have). Looking...
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    Wyoming antelope hunt general information

    Myself and 3 buddies are looking to try our luck at antelope hunting in Wyoming in the fall of 2018. Having spent a decent amount of time in the Saratoga area a couple years ago (we are nonresidents), I am relatively familiar with how to handle myself in the high prairies/mountains, but none of...