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  1. libidilatimmy

    Hilltop's inbox is full!

    Must be a popular guy ;)
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    Deer Area 81 License Reservations

    For those of you with this tag, here's an e-mail I just received from the G&F Area 81 limited quota deer licenses can be reserved for 2017 due to Beaver Creek wildfire LARAMIE – Closures on the Medicine Bow National Forest due to the Beaver Creek fire will impact a significant portion of the...
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    Hornady ELD-x bullets

    I know that these bullets just hit the market, but was wondering if anyone has started playing around with them yet. I called up Hornady looking for some load data, but they said they didn't have anything finalized yet for data. I have a box of 200 gr. bullets I plan on trying out in my 300 WSM...
  4. libidilatimmy

    Muley Success

    Knocked a buck down today. Stalked him from about a mile and a half to get in position while he was bedded. Laid there for about an hour waiting for him to stand up and drilled him when he did.
  5. libidilatimmy

    IMR Powder Recall

    Just saw where Hodgdon/IMR issued a recall for certain lots of IMR 4007 SSC for those that use it. Here's a link with further details.
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    FS - Vortex Precision Matched Rings - 30mm

    Hey all, I have a used set of 30mm Precision Matched Scope Rings by Vortex for sale. These are the "high" rings as shown on this link. Will take $85 TYD in the lower 48 with payment in the form of a postal...
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    Interesting BC testing Here's a report that I found pretty interesting that covers advertised ballistic coefficients versus measured ones. Figured some folks on here would be interested in the info as well.
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    1903a3 Restoration Project

    Just thought I'd share some pics with you folks of my recent winter project. This rifle was purchased by my dad in the 70's from a gunsmith who's name was lost in time, used by my father, myself, and my brother on many successful hunts through the years, and had found a corner in his gun safe...
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    SF - 114 Resident Preference Point Bill

    Well folks.......It's back. The bill effectively calls for the creation of R preference point systems for deer, antelope, and elk with 50% of available quotas going through PP drawings. Additionally, there's language in it that allows for minors (youth hunters) to apply with an adult with no...
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    Received my 2013 mount back

    I was finally able to pick up my bull mount from 2013 over the holidays. My taxidermist from Dubois did an excellent job on him, and, if anyone is in need of taxidermy services there in the future, I can PM you his contact info. Here's a few pics of the mount.
  11. libidilatimmy

    Brunton Optics Being Discontinued

    Many of you may have heard rumors like I have about the Brunton Co. getting out of the optics business. Below is confirmation of that and how they intend to address warranty issues on their optics going forward for those that have any of their optics: Me - Dear Sir/Madam, I recently heard a...
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    Last Minute Success!

    One of my friends decided this year that he wanted to get into hunting big game, so I had him apply for everything I did and he happened to draw an antelope tag. Fast forward to hunting season and our schedules happened to work out that I could take him on the 10th of October. I'd never been...
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    Proposed Fees for Using Areas Designated as Wilderness Just came across this and apparently the FS is trying to impose a program where people have to pay for permits to film or photograph in the wilderness areas. I'm sure that fees for hunting would follow...
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    2014 WYO Exploration / Scouting / Hunting Thread

    Not to be out done by the folks from the Silver State, here's a thread to post pics from everyone's adventures in the Cowboy State............Go Pokes! Anyone else been out in the hills lately?
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    What's your favorite way to prepare Elk meat?

    As the title states, give up some of those recipes, folks! My favorite is in steak form. I make a simple brine and put them into soak at lunch for preparation that evening. Next, they're rinsed and dried off. Depending on how I'm feeling that day, sometimes I season dry, and sometimes I...
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    2014 Wyoming Draw Results Coming Soon!

    It's official now, no turning back!
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    WYO Elk, Deer, & Antelope Application Modifications

    As a friendly reminder, if you're thinking of changing areas or withdrawing from the draw, the deadline to do so is tomorrow. The G&F did move the application deadline back to today at midnight due to the 31st being on a Saturday, but the modification deadline remained the same, as far as I...
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    Trophy Game Draw Results

    Will be available the 1st at 10:00
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    Guess the Score......

    Let's try this with a Muley since the NR deadline is drawing near. This buck was taken in 2008 in central Wyo.
  20. libidilatimmy

    Traffic Jam

    Here's some bighorn pics that one of our superintendents took on a bridge that we're rebuilding this spring West of Cody.