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    WTB: Airline approved double bow case

    Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
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    Alaknak vestibule setup

    Anyone setting up there alaknak with the vestibule? if so, mind taking some pictures of how it connects to the main tent? Gheez the instructions are horrendous!
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    Backcountry Camp. Hide or out in the Open?

    I hide a trail cam overlooking the camp. 2 years ago, I had a close encounter of the unexpected kind.
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    New Truck, Talk to me about the newer diesels vs gas 3/4 to 1 ton long bed pickups

    Im starting to put together a plan to buy a new truck, I currently have a 2014 chevy K1500 crew standard bed, I have almost 90,000 on the truck, 2 things I dont like about it are the size of the fuel tank and the room. Seems the older I get the more crap I bring on a hunting/fishing trip. So...
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    Montana elk combo still not received.

    How many nonresidents till havent gotten their elk comb in the mail?
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    Well it's no wonder it's called Eastmans forums

    Everytime you turn around there's a FNG from PA,WV, NJ or NY, love it!
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    Bitttrroot gun elk 1st week vs the 2nd

    Heading back to the eastern bitterroot (270) for gun elk. The last 2 times we hunted the first week. Seeing how the season is a little earlier this year, not to mention last time we hunted the first week, it was a little bit crowded. Wondering what the second week holds as far as hunter...
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    Anyone need a free Alaknak tent?

    Here are some clearer pics of the Alaknaks, comes with stoves as well, first come first serve!! What this tells me, is someone paid for those people to be there, paid for their food, paid for the tents, paid for everything, no one walks away from a tent they paid 1500 bucks for!
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    Anyone need a free Alaknak tent?

    Head over to the DALP protest area, there is at least one Alaknak, a cabelas outfitters tent and what looks to be a military tube tent.
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    Crazy Mountain Montana Trespassing Case

    Havent seen this on here, Im sure some of you are familiar with it. Long story short, centuries old trail closed off in the Crazy Mountains by land owner, hunter hikes up trail and is cited by the sheriff.
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    Modified GP Medium as Base camp

    Anyone ever take a GP medium and make it smaller? Found a GP Medium for the good price, but Id like to have it made smaller say 16x20 ish, anyone ever has this done or do this themselves? Cost? Is the modified section weatherproof? Would 16x20 be enough room for 4 guys, their gear and room to...
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    Wyoming elk point

    I think I know the answer to this, but I want to make sure. So I apply for a full price general wyoming elk license and buy the point, is that point for 2017?
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    6 Man Seek outside vs kifaru tipi vs whoever

    Im thinking of going the whole tipi w/stove route for a spike camp. Can anyone in a nutshell tell me what the differences between the above and any other manufacture for that matter? The seek is a good bit cheaper. Im looking at a 6 man for 2/3 people and gear. What about liners, etc?
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    Travel Trailer as fall base camp

    Thinking of picking up a travel trailer for a base camp, the one Im looking at has the artic 4 season package, wondering who else uses a camper for their mountain hunting trips? Any issues with water lines freezing etc?
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    WTB: J34 Super spike duffel

    Anyone have one of the above they want to get rid of?
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    Wood saw

    Whats everyone carry for cutting firewood? I have a folding saw that works fairly well on logs up to 4 inches, but Id like something able to cut bigger logs.
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    Elk hunting with a crossbow

    We will be spiking back in for a week or so, my girlfriend will be using a crossbow, Im wondering what you guys do as far as leaving it cocked? Do you leave it cocked the entire time? Discharge it at night? if so if you are spiked in, what are you discharging it in too?
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    Lets talk game carts, yeah I know but lets

    Ill probably elk hunting back in an area where I can easy pack in using a game cart, Ive been scouring the internet looking at homemade carts, from the looks of things a one wheeled cart is probably the easiest to navigate with, whats everyones experience using one? How much effort vs packing...
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    Found GPS near Blackhall mountain.

    Found a GPS near the above, if you lost a unit and can name the way points, send me a PM and I'll ship it to you free of charge.
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    Snow depth and remote weather stations

    I used to have links to the above, I think one of them was called snotel? Anyone have any good links for the above?