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    Backpack Hunting Pictures!

    A few more including the arrow we like to find!
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    Backpack Hunting Pictures!

    Here are some pics of my hunt in the Eagle Cap Wilderness this past September with my hunting partner Walter from Kauai. We were fortunate enough to get two Bulls on this trip. I will hunt Elk with a pack on my back till I can't walk anymore.
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    Tarptent Protrail or SMD Skyscape Trekker

    Guys & Gals I also posted this on another forum cause I want to try and get my decision right but I really value the great advice here on Eastmans tttoadman has given me his good opinion and I am hoping for more before I pull the trigger. I do a lot of wilderness hunting and pack in with my...
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    Silk Sleeping Bag Liners

    Guys I am interested in your opinions of silk liners for sleeping bags. Looking for one for my down bag. I have other liners but am needing something for my wilderness trips which seem to be more of the kind of hunting I do these days. Everything on the back so need light weight. I am leaning...
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    Out to Chukar Camp

    It is that time of year again when I head into the Owyhee's with the Wirehairs to chase the Devil birds. What awesome country hunting among the Desert Bighorn's. It does not get much better this time of year - In the high country less then two weeks ago chasing Elk now heading out with the dogs...
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    Success in the Eagle Caps

    Here are a few pictures of the hunt. The first is of my friend Walter Paresa. Walter owns two bow shops in Hawaii. Elite Hunters is the name of the shop. One in Kona on the Big Island and the other on Kauai. Walter is a great guy and hunting partner if you get over there look him up. This was...
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    Success in the Eagle Caps

    My friend and hunting partner from Hawaii and I both filled our tags with bulls on our hunt in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon. Even though this is some rugged ground - I have yet to find much flat country - I love this place. We were back in about five miles with everything brought in on our...
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    Citric Acid

    How are you guys mixing your citric acid? I am a little confused if I am using the right amount. I know that there is some prepackaged stuff out there but thats not what I am looking for. Most of my hunts are with a pack on my back!
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    Fishing 2015

    I love fried crappie Matthoek! Here are a few nice ones I got a week or so ago.
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    Turkey Fever

    I called in a double for my neighbor friend and myself on opening day here in Central Oregon 4/15/2015
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    New Chair of the ODF&W Commision

    Hold on to your hats Boys. We may be in for a wild ride - downhill! The Governor has appointed Michael Finley as the new Chairman of the Fish & Wildlife Commission. Michael was a long time National Parks administrator and currently runs Ted Turners environmental foundation. It also seems our...
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    Devil Birds

    Heading out tomorrow with the Wirehairs to chase Chukar. I am going to hit the Steens in SE Oregon in the afternoon then down to the Pine Forest area in Nevada till Monday. After bow hunting for Elk this has got to be my favorite pastime. Don't get me wrong, I love to hunt everything but there...
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    Cabelas ISQ Tent Pods

    Guys I am looking for extra pods for my ISQ Tent. Anyone have a clue where i might find a couple?? Thanks!