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    Montana party application

    We got the applications done but did not draw the general Deer tags unfortunately. Now we are trying to figure out plan B, possibly apply for doe tags (700-00) which seem to be guaranteed and focus on scouting for next year when we hopefully draw buck tags! Any thoughts?
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    Montana party application

    I think I got it now. The youth licenses are unlimited but requires a "sponsor" who has a full-price tag. In other words, if I draw, then my kid automatically gets a tag, otherwise not. thanks everyone
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    Montana party application

    I was trying to apply for the MT non-resident Deer combo as a group with my dad and son. It worked well for my dad's application and we are both tied to the same party. But for my son's youth license there was no option of tying it to the same party. I suspect this is to do with the fact that I...
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    Wyoming Antelope 73 or 32

    We also drew tags for 32, sending you a PM
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    WY Antelope unit 32

    Thanks, that sounds encouraging. Have booked B&B lodging on a ranch right next to the North Platte so some fishing is definitely on the agenda too. My younger son (13) did not draw a tag but he will be bringing some fishing gear!
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    WY Antelope unit 32

    Is that the Marton ranch you are referring to?
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    WY Antelope unit 32

    Planning a DIY hunt in early October With my Dad and 15 year old son. We have hunted antelope before but different units and this will be our first DIY. Looks like plenty of public land and a couple of big Hunter Management Areas. Anyone got experience from Muddy Mountain? Our plan is to stay...
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    You’re absolutely right, i was looking at the type 7. My bad and thanks for pointing out. Rick
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    We drew antelope tags for unit 32. Strangely out of four hunters none drew the doe tag which should have been about 50% for non-resident. But with three buck tags looking forward to an exciting hunt anyways.
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    Spring Bear Hunt

    Only tried it once, years ago, and unsuccessfully. It is a great experience in trophy country but rather low probability unless you are really dialled in. I think the best bet is to glass the alpine meadows and chutes or check logging roads. I am sure there are people on here with specific...
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    Son in laws desert ram

    Beautiful, congrats to hunter!
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    Wyoming antelope advice for family hunt

    I am looking to take my Dad and son (14 yrs) on a pronghorn hunt next year. We have 6 points each and I am kind of scratching my head on what is the best option. We have lived overseas for 4 years and I have not been up to date but kept buying points thinking we would be in good shape by the...
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    Antelope units 512 and 514

    We are planning a hunt out of Red Lodge this fall. Main focus is mule deer and we have access to some good private land in 575. Now, as a second option I am considering whether to apply for an antelope tag in that area too. This would mean units 512 or 514. From my research to date it seems...
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    Montana deer and antelope B question

    Does anyone know if Montana publishes the number of B licenses they intend to issue before the draw? I can't find info anywhere on the website on which units will actually offer B licenses and how many. I am looking at 700 district and over the last couple of years the B tags seem to have been...
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    Montana apprentice hunter program

    My son will be 10 in May this year. We have been looking at the apprentice hunter program, but the more I understand the rules the more limited the opportunity really seems. Here is what I gather: 1. Not open to anything that has a draw. So no antelope or applying for a general deer combo 2...
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    Some advice on eastern Montana

    Hi guys, Looking at a deer and antelope trip this fall to eastern Montana. I would bring my sons and perhaps my dad too. We are looking for a good time in beautiful country, trophy size is less important. We have no bonus points for Montana, but it looks like we will have access to private land...
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    Preference points question

    So I have two Wyoming elk pp and want to keep building towards a real good unit some day. wouldn't I be better off applying rather than buying the points when they go on sale? If I understand right, the application fee is $14 but the points cost $50 later when they go on sale. In addition, if I...
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    Magnification question

    I am looking to buy a new pair of binoculars, leaning towards Vortex Viper HD. But a little unsure which model and more specifically what magnification. I have hunted with both 8x and 9x and definitely want a little more power. But where does it start to get "shaky" and require a tripod setup? I...
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    research advice

    Looking to put together a DIY antelope hunt next year in either Wyoming or Montana. I want to do my research to maximize our chances for a good and enjoyable hunt. Here is what I plan on doing: 1. Go through the fish and game websites (hunting and herd forecasts, drawing odds, harvest...
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    Brand new member

    You bet. My favorite gun is a Carl Gustaf 3000 6.5x55 with a Zeiss 3-12*56. I have taken everything from moose to snowshoe hare with that gun. I gave it to my cousin when I left Sweden, he is keeping it for me and every once in a while I go back home and use it. Last August I took a small roe...