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  1. prhunter

    Wyoming elk tag filled

    Outstanding! Congrats and TFS
  2. prhunter

    Son’s first elk

    congrats to everyone involved. well done!
  3. prhunter

    Wife First Elk

    Congrats... great first bull!
  4. prhunter

    Weekend Fishing Trip

    We did get rain/hail on Friday afternoon. Caught a decent amount of fish... mostly smallmouth bass. I did manage to hook and land my fist pike ever which was the intended purpose of the trip.
  5. prhunter

    Weekend Fishing Trip

    Headed up to Navajo lake for some weekend fishing action. Report and pictures will be posted upon return.
  6. prhunter

    2024 AZ Spring Hunts

    The 2024 Arizona spring regs booklet is now available online.
  7. prhunter

    AZ Firsts

    Outstanding! Congrats!
  8. prhunter

    Minnesota Black Bear

    Following this thread as this is something I will be doing in a couple of years. Have been applying/buying pts since 2020.
  9. prhunter

    CA Columbian Blacktail

  10. prhunter

    AZ CC getting hit 2023

    Just got a hit on my CC for AZ Non-Res deer. Looks like my crew and I will be at it again in October. Good luck to all that put in!!
  11. prhunter

    AZ archery Turkey

    Outstanding! Congrats!
  12. prhunter

    New Member

  13. prhunter

    2023 NM Draw

    nothing here
  14. prhunter

    2023 AZ Javelina success!

    Once again, headed out with the crew to the great state of Arizona in search for the elusive javelina. Day two of the hunt was very productive for me. We glassed up a herd about 800 yds away Saturday afternoon. Made a move on them and got within 25 yards. When I came up on them, this sow...
  15. prhunter

    2023 Coues

    Outstanding sir!! Congrats!
  16. prhunter

    What’s your plans?

    AZ... usual applications (deer, elk, etc.) NM... usual applications (deer, elk, etc.) CO... Elk & Deer points WY... possibly burning antelope points depending on other draw results.
  17. prhunter

    2023 NM Draw

    2023/24 NM Draw is open. Good luck to all who apply.
  18. prhunter

    AZ Javelina Double

    Congrats! I'll be out there in a few weeks. TFS
  19. prhunter

    Finished off my season

    Well done sir! Congrats
  20. prhunter

    Got it done!!

    Congrats to everyone involved. TFS!