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    Wyoming elk tag filled

    You did well. Four percent is the success rate for archery elk IIRC. I came close Saturday... several times, but no cigar. Still time. Congrats.
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    The Memes Thread!

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    The Memes Thread!

    But the Declaration of Independence DOES!😁
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    How to cook rabbit meat?

    Rabbit is one of my favorite foods. Fried rabbit, biscuits, mashed potatoes and white gravy would be in my top three "last meal" choices. Somebody must be cooking it wrong?
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    ATF Wants Powder Registered

    As a firefighter, I have had bullets bounce off my bunker gear on several occasions while fighting fire. Think about it. There is no constriction (tube) to build pressure behind the projectile.
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    2023 Antelope/Deer and Resident Elk Results Available

    Ha, probably a combination of both, lol. Three of us have not drawn a single LE tag in three years.
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    2023 Antelope/Deer and Resident Elk Results Available

    Something happened! A bunch of us have been in contact with each other this morning and none, nobody, zilch have drawn anything but general tags for deer and elk! A few of us drew antelope due to putting in for a poor area but we have private access for. All of us are residents.
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    winter project completed

    Man... you're just showing off now!🤣😁 Stunning work brother... absolutely beautiful.
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    And yet they still allow grazing on our mountain states public lands.
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    Shed hunting

    My first decent find of the year a few days ago.
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    All one has to do is look at the obvious: All public lands I frequent are significantly over grazed. Cattle and sheep devastate the landscape. When prairie is grazed down to bare dirt and "mature" sage brush is only achieving 12"-18" in height that tells you something. You get a few hard years...
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    Yeah, but fewer elk means more muley chasers! As long as them stinky ol' elk keep them distracted it leaves less mule deer pressure for us!😁
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

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    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    Yup. Overhunting is an issue no doubt... to the point it is not near as enjoyable to go out and hunt any more. It is now a race... a competition to get on animals vs a relaxing day afield. It shows the selfishness and greed attributes of humans that I dislike very much.
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    The 1 Thing You Learned- Cooking Wild Game

    IDK... blood is wet, isn't it? If you leave raw meat in a wet mess for a time I would assume it promotes bacteria. Rinse it and let air get to it or pat dry and I see no harm. Leaving dirt, hair and offel on the meat would promote more bacteria growth IMO.
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    Lever action rimfire rifle?

    .17hmr is a very poor choice for coyotes They fail to penetrate well. I have had multiple occurrances whereas the 17 exploded on the ribs and failed to penetrate. From five feet to 50 yards. Multiple...
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    Ditto here.
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    I live a couple hours North of there, but reports are that the area you inquire about was one of the worst hit, if not THE WORST hit areas this side of the Bighorns. Casper got another three feet of snow yesterday through today... and West of there is worse. You could try calling a Casper...
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    Another article on Wyoming's tough winter

    Unfortunately they are calling for 8-12" snow here tonight with more unseasonably cold weather. 😖