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    Bow Rack

    Did the same...high end, GAS Gohst strings, I think. I do shoot a lot, so thinking I put more use on it than most do. Nephew has the Reign i think..replaced the RPM and seems to be more forgiving.
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    Would a new bow be worth it?

    Yea, that 500 isn't going to get you much in todays bow market. I'm shooting a Bow Tech 360 that has been out of date for several years but still shoots good. In 2015 it sold for right at 1000 bucks probably be almost double that to replace it....
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    Summer Scouting

    Yea, I need to do the same. Moving locations this year since Oregon has gone draw only on archery elk. Hunting sure isn't like it used to be...
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    How many hunting packs ???

    3---- An old Rocky day pack, an old Cabelas Alaskan, and a Blacks Creek lumbar. Anyone looking for a lumbar pack really should check out that Blacks Creek. It is the "Cure"
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    Bow Rack

    Yea, I have one also. It seems to be a little hard on strings. Pretty radical bend in the cam causes the serving to separate where it flexes over that bend.
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    Bow Rack

    How do you like that bow?
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    Ha years ago I got my wife a fishing rod and reel that I really wanted and figured she wouldn't take to it. Well, big surprise, she loves fishing now and that started many years of us fishing together. go figure....
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    Binoculars Autofocus

    I looked at the moon once through my binos....does that count?
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    RV Graphics

    I like it....
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    6.5-300 Weatherby

    I have had a .264 Win Mag for years, the thing just shoots awesome.. I wouldn't want to live on the difference between it and some of the more "modern" cartridges...
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    Wolves Placed Back on Endangered List

    And that is why we need to stop calling them Republicans and Democrats...they are Liberals or Conservatives no matter what else they claim to be.......
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    CC When I lived in Humboldt Co. there was a fellow who hunted North Central Trinity Co. He took several big forks in there and he called them Pacific Forks. Just wondering if you ever heard of that term?
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    Rifle scope decision 🤔

    Based on what? Just curious...
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    Rifle scope decision 🤔

    I have two VX lll s from the early 80s. one had to be rebuilt in 97 but was treated like a king during the process, which only took three days. These scopes have never lost their is on a 300 win mag and other is on a 25/06. shoot a few rounds each year to check zero but have not...
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    firearm safety and hollywood

    Why would a gun capable of chambering a live round, even be allowed on the set. Todays technology could easily produce such a gun...
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    Texan bow hunter killed by Pennsylvanian muzzle loader

    I think the bottom line here is that a hunter should be capable of taking to the field and completing a safe hunt, regardless of the conditions. We send thousands of 12 year olds, fresh out of that Hunter Safety Course, out every year and expect that same thing from them. Are we to expect less...
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    The Memes Thread!

    He he he..I get it
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    6.8 Western

    Yep. At some point it quits being hunting and is something else...
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    To eat or not eat CDW positive tested deer

    A CWD positive deer is probably healthier to eat than the majority of the beef we consume without thought...
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    firearm safety and hollywood

    Change your MIND??? I don't think so. I think gun safety should be taught in the 6th grade by a qualified instructor. Everyone needs to know how to Change you mind? I don't think so. I think everyone should be required to take firearm safety in the 6th grade. Look how many 12 year olds...