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  1. Cobbhunts

    Wyoming Family Hunt

    Great job HT!!
  2. Cobbhunts

    My Kentucky Mule Deer

    Well, he's about as wide as a big mule deer!! Hunted hard in the mountains of Eastern Ky this past week. Rut was in full swing. I believe this buck was the 10th or 12th I had seen, passing some nice bucks along the way. A lot of cruising and chasing doe from Wednesday until Sunday. Monday was...
  3. Cobbhunts

    Elk Guides

    Some friends of mine are trying to plan an Archery Montana Elk hunt for 2017. They have identified one guide they are possibly looking at booking with. Was hoping maybe I would get some input for them from this forum as well. Rick Wemple is the outfitter they are currently speaking with. Anyone...
  4. Cobbhunts

    WY Antelope Back From the Taxidermist

    I've actually had it back for awhile, just never got around to posting it. Unit 73 Wyoming, 78" and change. I was really happy to harvest this lope on my first ever western hunt, and I think my taxidermist did an excellent job with the habitat. His family lives in WY so he knew where we were...
  5. Cobbhunts

    WY 2nd Choice Cow Tag

    Two quick questions. I have searched the forums and can't come up with a straight answer. We do not have enough points to realistically draw our preferred Bull Elk tag in Wyoming. So we would like to apply next year for the Bull tag, and select the cow tag as our 2nd choice in said unit...
  6. Cobbhunts

    Antelope Down!!

    More when I get service. Most fun I've had in a while. We all 3 shot one on our first day. 260 yards, 340 yards, and mine was 313. Headed to out deer area for a few days of scouting. I chased mine for several hours before he finally slipped up.
  7. Cobbhunts

    Landowner Gift(s)

    I'm just looking for some ideas for a landowner gift. We were lucky enough to get some private land access this year for our antelope area. They aren't even charging us. As a matter of fact they won't even be there while we are and told us where we should camp, a few rules of the ranch if you...
  8. Cobbhunts

    Onyx Phone AP

    I know there's been a lot of chatter lately about hte Onyx chip. And I for one really love mine. But I was wondering if anyone has actually used the Android or iPhone AP in the field yet. I was considering getting this AP as well. Truth be told...I actually like my phone topo better than my GPS...
  9. Cobbhunts

    Boot Woes - Need Advice

    So I have a bit of a problem. I'm on my 2nd set of boots and we are coming down to the wire. The first pair I just wasn't happy with. They were SO comfortable right out of the box. Width seem to fit well which is usually my problem, length maybe a tad long which I believe caused the issue im...
  10. Cobbhunts

    Barnes Expander ML

    Just thought I'd share the only Barnes Expander ML that I've ever recovered. I purposely shot it into a dirt mound to unload my ML this past fall. I've taken 7 deer with these I believe. None of which has taken a step...DRT. I'm not pimping them, as I've shot and witnessed plenty of deer shot...
  11. Cobbhunts

    Tweeter and The Musket Man

    Tweeter and the Musket Man were hard up for tags... They spent all night drinking Keystone and shootin' cans....
  12. Cobbhunts

    Private Messages

    Can we please move past the 50 PM limit?? 200 maybe? Even a 100 limit would be nice ;)
  13. Cobbhunts

    Got shot in Colorado

    What happened to that thread? That was a good read..... Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  14. Cobbhunts

    Boot Insulation Question

    So I'm shopping for boots and have narrowed it down to a few different brands. I was going to get 400 grams and then got to thinking. If I'm hiking very far these could get too hot. On the flip side if I hike in with non-insulated boots and sit to glass for the day, I could end up with cold...
  15. Cobbhunts

    Core4 Layers

    Do the core4 base layers run pretty much to size? I'm kind of in between XL and 2XL. Should I buy them to fit tightly or normal? That goes for any of the wool stuff on the fit actually, tight or normal? I'm also looking at KUIU and FL as well. Choices choices!! Thanks in advance. Sent from...
  16. Cobbhunts

    From Casper to Shoshoni

    I submitted my application today for deer unit 34. We probably have a good shot at drawing. I have recieved both good and bad reviews on the deer herd there, but we decided to go for it anyhow. We are camping on BLM land and I have a 2 options for camps right now, working on a 3rd and 4th incase...
  17. Cobbhunts

    Preference Point/Special Draw ??

    I currently have 4 PPs for Deer. When I submit my application for tags next week, do I go into the draw with 5 points, or 4 points? Looking at the MRS, that makes a pretty big difference especially if submitting in the special draw. Would area 89 be worth putting in for special draw with an 83%...
  18. Cobbhunts

    Can't Believe I Just Found This Forum

    Well actually I can, because I've never hunted West of Missouri!! I've been reading for a couple of weeks and subscribed to EBJ and EHJ yesterday. I've already read a bunch in the MRS section today. Seems like some good info, but not as good as reading through this forum. And..... I've already...