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  1. Hilltop

    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    Another antelope and an elk this week with the 6.5. My son was shooting 142 grain ABLR. They performed extremely well. Elk went 15 yards. The shot was 315 yards. We are sold on this caliber....
  2. Hilltop

    Area 93 antelope

    I have helped a couple people fill their tags. Here is one from last weekend in an easier to draw area that wasn't impacted by the winter kill. Not a giant but a good representative for the area. The hunter was very happy with him since it was his first.
  3. Hilltop

    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    I guided my buddy on an antelope hunt this past weekend. I also had a doe tag so decided to take the 6.5 PRC along. The buck hunter was also shooting a 6.5 PRC. His buck was right at 500 yards and the results were devastating even though the shot wasn't perfect. He was shooting the 147 ELD-M...
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    These days I would rather be hunting elk.
  5. Hilltop

    How to cook rabbit meat?

    I'm going to debone, soft freeze, and run a few through the grinder with bacon this winter to make rabbit bacon burger. I'm guessing it will be pretty good but we will see.
  6. Hilltop

    Heading Out to the Mountains

    Good luck guys. I have a couple weeks left to wait.
  7. Hilltop

    Preference Points

    53 years and that person still has thousands of people in front of them and is pushing 70 years old. They might outlive everyone and draw in their late 80s or 90s. I also think we all know pricing will continue to go up as well. It has doubled just in the last 10 years. I do get your point...
  8. Hilltop

    Preference Points

    In Wyoming there are almost 12,000 non residents with moose points in line for less than 30 bull permits yearly. Suggesting it will only be a decade worth of points is laughable. At $150 per point currently and a $2,000 tag fee it is not a cheaper option if a person wants any realistic chance...
  9. Hilltop

    Preference Points

    Making my yearly donation soon for DEA but thinking hard about giving up on moose and putting the money towards a North of the Border hunt.
  10. Hilltop

    Fall turkey hunt out west. Options?

    Good! Yeah, our wildlife departments have been trying to find reasons but I think there are quite a few things at play hurting numbers. The fur trade crash is high on my list of suspects but the recent drought years have also had a negative impact. There are still plenty of birds to hunt but...
  11. Hilltop

    Fall turkey hunt out west. Options?

    Numbers are way down in Nebraska. There are still birds to hunt but it has changed a lot. With the lowered population, our game and parks lowered tags and adjusted the rules quite a bit for this past spring.
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    Colorado Leftover and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Licenses Coming Up in August

    How does someone find "the bot guy"? First I have heard of something like that. I'm asking out of curiosity as I have no desire for a Colorado tag this year.
  13. Hilltop

    Colorado Leftover and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Licenses Coming Up in August

    I think it's great that they offer the permits up after they are turned in. I don't think Wyoming does that. However, I do think they should have to use their preference points for the tags. I'm sure plenty of guys would be willing to burn their points for them and that would help out the...
  14. Hilltop

    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    I am saving all brass right now just in case. I have a buddy that works at Hornady and he said they are loading more 6.5PRC than any other caliber right now. Hard to imagine they go away at some point but it's possible. While the factory 143 ELDX are available, we are going to shoot them...
  15. Hilltop

    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    The gun continues to really impress. We are still in the break in process so it isn't up to full barrel speed yet. Once that is done and the speeds settle in, I will fine tune our adjustments. That is the reason the below group is below center. We also had a very light left to right wind...
  16. Hilltop

    BLM Ordered to Implement Corner Crossing

    He seemed to make it pretty clear that, at least to me, that this ruling sets precedent. Has anyone reached out to any CAs to get their take on it and/or how they plan to handle future landowner complaints?
  17. Hilltop

    CO Family Dies in Mtns Trying to Live off the Grid

    I get your point but it is sad when adults bring a kid into the situation.
  18. Hilltop

    Kids are so Innocent!

    That you know of lol
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    6.5 and 7 PRC, what are your thoughts?

    My 14 year old son shot a 5 shot group last night at 200 yards that was better than anything either of has previously done with a hunting rifle. It measured .432". He is shooting Hornady factory 143 grain ELD-X out of a Ruger American go wild 6.5 PRC. He has a 4.5-14 VX3HD for his scope...
  20. Hilltop

    unit 65 antelope wyo

    If I had the tag, I would start with the BLM roads Northwest of Sweetwater Station, off of HWY 287. Like others have said, plenty of ways into the area and tons of public land. Winter kill will be worse the further south you get in the area so I would focus on the Northern parts of the area...