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  1. EOHunter

    2022 Draw results

    Unit 40 Antelope tag for me. I’m a non resident and have only applied in Idaho twice and drew antelope tags both times. 41-1 first and now 40. Idaho is the only state I have had draw luck in!
  2. EOHunter

    2020 idaho draw is up

    Haven’t been on in a while but here is my Idaho antelope. It was a tough hunt. Didn’t even see an antelope the first two days of hunting. Ended up connecting on this old warrior on the way out. He was 12.5” tall and his curls were completely broke off and one his prongs was broke with hair still...
  3. EOHunter

    Any good draws?

    Our house got lucky this year. My girlfriend drew the premium Beulah elk tag. Pretty stoked about that tag. Going to have to juggle that with the two buck tags and the Idaho antelope tag I drew. Once that’s all done we have 3 late cow tags. Going to be a busy year.
  4. EOHunter

    Idaho 41-1

    Got lucky and drew a rifle Idaho Antelope tag for 41-1. Heading out to scout in the morning. Pretty stoked about this one!
  5. EOHunter

    2020 idaho draw is up

    I drew a 41-1 antelope rifle tag. Going to do some scouting in the morning. Can’t wait!
  6. EOHunter

    Any Archery Kills?

    I haven't seen any Oregon Archery kills yet? Anyone doing any good?
  7. EOHunter

    Draw Results??

    Al right, lets get the guesses going on Oregon's draw results. I am going to guess the 15th in the morning.
  8. EOHunter

    300 Win Mag Reloading

    I just purchased a new Tikka T3X Lite in 300 Win Mag. I haven't shot it yet (waiting on the glass to arrive) however I was wondering if anyone had any insight on some good places to start as far as hand loads go. I am fairly partial to Hornady, however I am open to try other things. I have...
  9. EOHunter

    Anybody kill an Oregon antelope yet?

    I have been checking for stories but haven't seen any from Oregon yet.
  10. EOHunter

    Application Questions

    I am thinking of expanding my out of state hunting opportunities and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on Montana's process for non-resident applicants, especially with the new bonus point purchasing rule. From what I understand, starting this year, I can buy a bonus point for...
  11. EOHunter

    Oregon Roadkill

    I just saw on Oregon outdoor councils Facebook page that Oregon legislature passed a bill and it was signed by the governor that we can now salvage roadkill. ODFW still has to create rules around it but it's a start.
  12. EOHunter

    2017 Oregon Draw Results

    Is it to early to start a 2017 Oregon Draw Results post? HAHA. I am guessing they will be out June 16th at 5pm (Mt Time). I am not expecting too much. The only tag I had a shot at had the tag numbers reduced by 40%. Everything else is less than 1% shot. Depending on how many other kids...
  13. EOHunter

    4 More days

    Reminder to have your apps in for Oregon...4 more days and then the waiting game begins!
  14. EOHunter

    Application Strategy for the future

    I was wondering if anyone would have some insight on this strategy... I am trying to couple an Antelope and Muley hunt and last year when I went antelope hunting i drove through some awesome country to get to my Antelope unit near Kemmerer. So my question is this, would it be a good idea to...
  15. EOHunter

    2016 Goat back from taxidermist

    Got my antelope back from this falls antelope trip to wyoming.
  16. EOHunter

    Last minute tips?

    I shot this buck at about 10:30am opening morning. He came into a waterhole I was at. Passed up a buck I stalking in on but I just wasn't sure. After driving and glassing all day Friday I didn't see any real giants, just some basic low 70" bucks. I was solo from Oregon so I didn't have that...
  17. EOHunter

    Last minute tips?

    Any last minute tips for Wyoming antelope? Hunting 90-2, ended up deciding to go north of Farson. Seeing lots of antelope, lots of bucks. Haven't seen anything with too much size though. Biggest I saw was maybe 14", maybe and out of the 30 bucks I saw I would saw the digger length could use...
  18. EOHunter

    More WY antelope questions

    So I drew a 90-2 Antelope tag and I understand to hunt in wyoming if you were born after 1966 you are required to have a hunter ed certificate. Well I lost that long ago, however my hunter ed # is printed on my Oregon License. Does anyone know if that works as proof or do I need to order a...
  19. EOHunter

    Black Friday 2015

    Our tradition is to hunt birds on Black Friday as far away from the malls as possible!
  20. EOHunter

    My Mutts

    My two GSP's on point.