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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    52 years old. Spent the first 39 years in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. The last 13 in Mississippi. I'm currently an Engineering Manager at one of the Nissan manufacturing plants. We make Titan and Frontier trucks. Also the Murano and Altima. If my plan comes to fruition, I'll retire when I'm...
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    Moose arrowed at 14 Yards

    That was pretty awesome! Congratulations Dan! I thought for a minute at the end we weren't going to see Dan take the plunge - but he didn't disappoint!
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Guys! There are bigger hunting forums out there, but the Eastman group is by far my favorite! Close knit bunch of guys with class! Hope 2020 treats you all well. God Bless.
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    New Mathews VXR Speed Test and Review

    Tempting....maybe I need to go to our local Mathews shop and try one out. Scott is a good dude too. Like his down to earth - go out and get it done approach!
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    The Lightest Weatherby Rifle Ever

    I bought a model 700 Remington Special in 300 Weatherby back in 1988 I think it was. Cost me around $400. I saw this video and it got me curious - so I looked it up on $3200 and some change. Really nice gun, but I think I'll carry the extra 3-4 pounds for a while longer.
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    Hello Roundball - Curious how your 4th season unit 15 mule deer hunt went? Seriously considering...

    Hello Roundball - Curious how your 4th season unit 15 mule deer hunt went? Seriously considering applying for the same hunt next year, but wanted to hear what you had to say about it. thank you, Paul
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    What no hunter wants to see

    I had to learn everything about hunting from magazines or the school of hard knocks because my father didn't hunt and my grandfather, who was a game warden, died of a heart attach on the job when I was 4 years old. So, needless to say, my beginning years were pretty rough - but I loved it so...
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    Drop tine whitetail from a few weeks ago

    That's a beauty! Buck of a lifetime for most folks. Good luck!
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    remembering my hunting mentor

    What a blessing to have those kind of memories that you will always hold dear to your heart. Sorry for you loss.
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    Sad story but a hell of a way to go.

    I'm with you Dan. I watched my father wither away from cancer at the age of 57. My lifestyle is different than his so I'm hoping I don't have the same fate. I've said many times - if I can live to be 75 and die on top of a mountain watching the sun come up - I'm good. Don't come looking for me -...
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    GETTIN OLD.......

    I was thinking about this post this morning while I was at the gym. I was a tall, skinny kid growing up. Lived in the country and had to ride my bike anywhere I needed to go. I loved football and baseball. My mother wouldn't let me play football because she was afraid I'd get hurt. I thought my...
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    Fall Color

    So awesome! Thanks for posting CC. I always enjoy what you have to share! I thought I would also let you know how you inspire me. I'm 52 years old and put in for points in most states. Once in a while I'll question if I should still put in for those species that take 20 plus points when I'm...
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    Unit 100 success

    Great Bull! Good work!
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    My sons 2019 Wyoming Mountain Muley

    Pretty awesome! Good job young man!
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Time to go find those beers you buried in the ground a month ago...
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    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    If I showed those picture to my wife, she would have nightmares.
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    You're a killing machine John! Good work.
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    Do elk bugle much in SW Montana - units 314/360/362????

    Hey Guys, Heading to SW Montana in a week to archery hunt elk with my son, who moved out there 2 years ago. He's telling me he doesn't think the elk bugle much in the units we plan to hunt. While I haven't hunted there before, I hunted a unit in Wyoming last year on a limited draw tag that...
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    Archery elk in Montana with my son this year. Then home to Mississippi for Whitetail. Good luck everyone!