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  1. Ridn9high

    2020 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Found this guy on a leftover tag last year!
  2. Ridn9high

    wy mule deer

    Anyone selling any big buck GPS coordinates..........
  3. Ridn9high

    2017 buck mount

    Just got my 17? colorado buck home and on the wall. Really happy with the detail and how it turned out. It?s nice to have a taxidermist in the family :cool: Good luck to everyone this up coming season that gets to go chase those mulies. I?ll be living through all your post, pictures, and...
  4. Ridn9high

    3rd season success

    My brother and I had 2 tags, for 2 different unit during the 3rd season. We decided to hunt my tag for the first 4 days of season, then head over to his unit and hunt the last half of season. We had never stepped foot in either unit until and knew we would have our work cut out. On Friday...
  5. Ridn9high

    Unit 70 3rd

    My brother has a 70 3rd season deer tag and neither of us have stepped foot in the unit. As of right now, I'll be tagging along with him to help with the hunt and hopefully with packing a deer out. From the looks of the maps this seems to be a road hunters dream. Everywhere it looks to have a...
  6. Ridn9high

    Big 3rd season buck

    Was able to put this big guy down on the third day of the hunt. We had been seeing 5-7 bucks a day, with 10 of them rutting really hard. The day I killed my buck, my brother put two stalks on different bucks in the morning. They both got in the thick stuff, never to be seen again. We spotted...
  7. Ridn9high

    2015 mount

    Got my mount back and hung in the man cave. Very happy with the work and detail. 2015 Colorado buck is on the left, 11' Wy buck on right and Cali Muley/Blacktail cross on bottom
  8. Ridn9high

    Big blacktail

    A family member killed this great buck this season. After years of managing the property for quality bucks, the rewards are finally starting to show. I was able to kill my best blacktail off the same property a couple years ago.
  9. Ridn9high

    CO 2nd season success

    Had a great time hunting Colorado this year with my wife. This was her first time coming along on a deer hunt and I think she is ready to start building points for her first tag. She was a trooper, waking up early each morning, hunting with me all day, and coming in late to camp each evening...
  10. Ridn9high

    CO unit 67 maps

    I'm selling two maps for Colorado unit 67. These maps were purchased though They are in new condition and never used because I didn't put in for the unit. I paid $65 shipped for both. I'll sell both for $50 shipped in the lower US. Will take a money order or paypal. These are...