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    Plantar fasciitus

    I have had success with Lathrop and Son inserts in some boots for my plantar faciitis issues. However; I bought Lowa boots from Lathrop and Sons with the special insoles, spent a large sum of cash and they did not work for me. Every time I wear them I have problems. I think the issue for me is...
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    Nor-Cal Success

    It was very heavy. Found it while heading cross country on a stalk. The part that was designed to be an anchor had been sharpened (I found out the hard way) to dig into the brush or the ground I think. Thought it was a cool find. Hanging on the wall near some mounts now.
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    Nor-Cal Success

    At 66 years of age with a knee replacement on the horizon I decided to use my California points on a Likely Tables Antelope hunt and an X5B Deer hunt. A good friend and I drew the Antelope together, however; due to a detached retina he had to cancel at the last minute. I opted to hunt solo...
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    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    Great story and great times.
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    Which state has the best opportunities and draw odds for Resident Hunters

    If you were going to relocate to any state of your choice. Which state or states would be at that top of your list for opportunity, draw odds and a great place to live?
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    The 2018 Limb Hanger Thread!

    Had a great hunt last week in the Rockies with my buddy Bill. Including my double bearded Merriam. Both beards measured right at 9 inches.
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    2019 Turkey Picture Thread

    Had a great weekend! Saturday my 84 year old turkey hunting mentor Bob who got me hooked 30 years ago, my Grandson Cole and I took nice longbeards. Bob and Cole doubled on their birds. I killed mine about an hour later. These birds looked like they had been terrorized by a Boss Gobbler. All had...
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    What's Your Favorite Box Call?

    Cleaning, chalking and running some box calls this morning. What's your favorite? I like my ET Ed Terefenko and Bruce Wurth American Friction long boxes when I need to reach out. Merriam's can't resist my Marvin Robbins Timberline and Joe Slaton Mother Lode short boxes. Can't wait to try my...
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    Apprentice hunt

    Hunted there with my Grandson in 2013. Great youth hunt. Plenty of room for the kids. Let me know and I will pass on what info I have.
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    My best buck from Wyoming many years ago and my best buck from California.
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    Bill Saunders Refuge Series Snow Goose, for Ducks: JJ Lares Hybrid , Bill Saunders Gravity, Matt Pierce Teal Whistle, New Version Calls Morwhistle (my most used call), Billy Gianquinto Sprig and Teal/Widgeon whistles. The Widgeon whistle has provided awesome results. I always say the birds come...
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    Grandson's First Chukar

    Had a fun hunt for Chukar and Quail with my Grandson Cole and Willow
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    Nevada Chukar

    Taking 2 of my adult (19, 23) grandsons to Nevada next Tuesday to hunt Chukar. Neither have been on an out of state hunt. I have hunted Lava Beds before but I see the aerial survey shows it way down this year. Any suggestions? Buffalo Hills? Please comment or pm me with any help you are willing...
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    Opener reports

    Hunted the Emigrant Wilderness area of D6 opening weekend. Only saw two Deer. Both were forks and my son John was able to take one. Green and lush in the high country this year. More feed, water and wildflowers than there has been in many years. There was also considerable drift smoke from a...
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    Pile pics..

    One picture from early 2017, a pair of limits taken with my Grandson and I in 2015, The last two are from the only guided waterfowl I hunt I have been on with a couple of friends in Washington. What a great shoot that was!
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    Opening Day Plans?

    Getting ready for the opener in the South Grasslands. Decoys out and finished camouflaging the blind yesterday. A lot easier before the club is flooded. Water starts Sept 1st.
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    Let's meet the dogs

    Typical day in the blind with Willow. You missed again?, where did you learn to call?, finally something to bring in, that Duck tastes like fish!
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    Scoring in the Junipers and Pines

    Love hunting those High Country Merriam's! Had a great trip to Colorado and New Mexico. The first Tom had a 10 1/4 inch beard, the second a more typical 8 inch Merriam beard. A few sheds to boot.
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    California South Grasslands

    Slowest December/January I can remember in the past 15 years. I did manage six birds today, including a couple of Spoonies. My Grandson Cole made this BBQ Spatula for me in HS Shop. Trying to live up to my Waterfowl nickname.
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    My Mutts

    Willow hates the slow calm October days at the blind in the South Grasslands