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  1. gonhunting247

    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    Troy's euro hangers are top notch IMO too!
  2. gonhunting247

    2020 goals/desires

    It's time for elk or moose in WY I hope!
  3. gonhunting247

    What a year!!!!! 170” bow and 203” muzz

    Wow, I love the Muzzle loader buck, pretty cool. Both of them are great, congrats on an amazing year.
  4. gonhunting247

    Unit 43 float hunt

    Pretty simple to run your own shuttle on the trip you're thinking of taking.
  5. gonhunting247

    What do you do with your horns/antlers?

    I keep them all, but I need to get some put up on the wall. I love going in the antler/horn room and just reminiscing!
  6. gonhunting247

    Africa 2021

    Hope you have a great time hunter25, I'll be watching this closely. I want to go to Africa with my wife and it will be cool to experience it through your trip first. I've already looked at JimPs African post too!
  7. gonhunting247

    CO buck

    Great buck, congrats
  8. gonhunting247

    Early season low altitude hunt

    I know it's not the first place than comes to mind when you're talking mule deer, but OR is mostly otc and starts the end of August. It has a lot of units that aren't high in elevation.
  9. gonhunting247

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    I posted this on a different thread, but thought I'd add it here too! I was happy to tag out on this young 5 point after 5 days of no elk sightings.
  10. gonhunting247

    Thanks AZ fish and game

    Good luck, looking forward to the story and pics.
  11. gonhunting247

    Success in the High Desert

    A couple more pics from the High Desert trip.
  12. gonhunting247

    Success in the High Desert

    Thanks Pete, no we spent most our time in a couple of the other units.
  13. gonhunting247

    One more weekend to get it done

    Congrats, that's cool
  14. gonhunting247

    Here Kitty Kitty....

    Congrats Jim, that's an awesome bonus! Glad your son had a successful hunt on his ram too.
  15. gonhunting247

    Success in the High Desert

    Our OR elk hunt was tough this year, but we kept after it and on day 5 we saw and killed the only two elk we saw. I was able to connect on a young 5 point and my son tagged out with a spike. It was a great trip with family. A few ducks and chukars fell to my sons 20 gauge also.
  16. gonhunting247


    Definitely sharpen them. It works great! Just a little steel, works great to touch up the rolled edges. Then when I get home I sharpen them on my sharpening wheel and then on the buffing wheel and they seem even sharper than the original. I do this multiple times and very rarely need to buy new...
  17. gonhunting247

    Unit 43 float hunt

    The John Day typically has pretty low flows during deer season. Sometimes it's low enough to be a real pain to float. The Deschutes will have plenty of water, but does have some pretty technical water in areas. I'm not an experienced boater, but have spent a fair amount of time on both rivers...
  18. gonhunting247

    Lost Binos Wyoming region G

    Pretty cool, glad you have them back!
  19. gonhunting247

    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    Very cool! Congrats, I can't wait for my chance to get after a WY moose. Great work getting it done with your recurve!
  20. gonhunting247

    My Dream Hunts List

    I'd say go for it if it's affordable. If it's what you love to do, why not? A good (by good , I mean highly sought after; they are all good) muley tag is getting harder to come by all the time. If you happen to draw a good tag somewhere else, then oh well I guess you can have two dream hunts the...