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    Need an Eastern Bird towards my slam

    I live within 100 miles of the Easterns far western range. Ive killed at least one eastern here in Oklahoma each year since 2003 except the dreadful 2018 season. vast majority on public and im as close to Nevada as eastern range gets.
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    6% non-resident draw tags

    Our legislators here in Oklahoma are going in exactly the opposite direction as I saw proposed bills yesterday that would lower nr hunting licenses and tags on all except deer elk and bear. We already allow a nr to take 6 deer with a bow for 300$, less than one little forkie in a second tier nm...
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    6% non-resident draw tags

    Im really thinking about pulling out of nm. Really hate it because it was the first western state I ever applied in and the first western state that I ever had success in. Love hunting it but as they keep taking tags away and giving the tags to the welfare tag system, the investment combined...
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    wtb ruger stainless rings

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    Nikon binoculars nib

    sold thanks
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    State lands

    Good luck getting proper written permission. The leasees have always gone out of their way to make my hunts on state land less than enjoyable. I think they pay like a penny per acre and think that covers all the game residing there as well.
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    BRASS 220 swift and 7mag

    Have 80 pieces of once fired 220 swift brass 45$ and 60 pieces of 7mag once fired for 25$ Also some 35 rem brass 60 pieces for 40$
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    Badlands algus pants

    Have brand new with tags pair of badland algus pants size large. Want to trade for some in med or kuiu or first lite pants approach camo text 580-513-5020 for pix
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    wtb ruger stainless rings

    Need med 30mm stainless rings. #4 and #5 rings for m77 hawkeye.
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    Nikon binoculars nib

    Have a pair of prostaff 3 10x42 and monarch 3 10x42 new in box binoculars for sale 90$ for prostaff and 160$ for the monarchs text 580-513-5020 for pix
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    Thinking about coming back

    I think ur thread hijack may have ran off sigpros!
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    Kaibab early rifle!

    Dang brother I been gone a while. I had no idea till tonight that u drew az Sorry to hear u ate the tag. Sounds like a heck uv an adventure tho. Kinda like the gila rifle elk hunt a few years ago. I hope to draw an archery tag out there in the next couple years and maybe u can give me some...
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    Leupold Scope

    Pm sent
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    Leupold Ultimate Slam SABR Reticle

    I have one on my tc pro hunter fx and it is the most accurate setup that I own. More accurate than my centerfires. Absolutely love mine.
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    Would u have any interest in trading the scope for a pre 89 tang safety ruger m77 in 7 mag?

    Would u have any interest in trading the scope for a pre 89 tang safety ruger m77 in 7 mag?
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    Thanks AZ fish and game

    Sounds like awesomeness I will probly try to avoid. Actually sounds like the fun I have on most of my hunts! Good write up tho
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    Unit 45 Elk- first rifle

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    Official Post Padding Thread

    This is the best idea ive heard in a while!
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    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    I agree 100% Leftover Tuesday is a bit!# that's past her prime. Time to stop the madness, although im sure a few residents that have it down to a science would disagree...
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    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    What az tag did u get?