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  1. marcusvdk

    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    Any ones in particular that you prefer ? Dont know much about first lite.
  2. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Tuesday Treadmill 5 min warmup 2.8mph 4 intervals (2 mins jogging 4 mph 2 mins at 2.5mph) 3 min cool down Getting back into it now
  3. marcusvdk

    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    No problem I'm not limiting my self to just sitka but seemed to like the feel of there stuff when I was in store looking at it. Found a group on Facebook that's a sitka garage sale basically guys selling of lightly used sitka gear. Also found a group for kuiu and first lite.
  4. marcusvdk

    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    So I'm in the start to middle of my weight loss journey. I know come this fall my stuff will no longer fit and I'm trying to get a list of things together of what I like for replacements when I get down to my new weight. I went into the sportsmen's warehouse here in town and looked at the...
  5. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Monday 25 mins recumbent bike crossing training setting 8.7 miles
  6. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Oh man that sucks hope it's fixed this time
  7. marcusvdk

    Million acre land buy

    I hope this is to benefit hunters, but if it helps out wildlife and protecting land for wildlife it's still a good buy for the state
  8. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Saturday Treadmill 7min at 2.8mph Intervals 3x (2 mins at 4mph light jog 1.5 mins at 2mph) 2.5 min cooldown Preprogrammed weight 364 Pre op liquid diet weight 355 Surgery weight 336.6 Current weight 297.4 (6.5 weeks post op)
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    Who else is...

    Thursday 25 mins recumbent bike 8.5 miles
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    Coronavirus anyone yikes
  11. marcusvdk

    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    That's a pic of the real mount I just picked up last month from the taxidermist. He charged $15 an inch. He does great work and compared to the rest of the really good guys around here he was a bit cheaper. The other few were around $20 an inch. Not sure what the replica prices are.
  12. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    That stuff is horrible. My dad (who never gets sick) got influenza B a month a go and was down for 10 days. One point mom had to bring him to ER cause he was so dehydrated and ended up putting 3 iv bags in him. He drink a Gatorade and water after and still didnt pee for half a day after...
  13. marcusvdk

    Need an Eastern Bird towards my slam

    Same here on southern michigan they are all over the place. I have a few state game areas and places I could point out to you near me I'd you choose to come out here.
  14. marcusvdk

    Gear Inventory

    Lol mine would be the fact that I dont have any gear at all and my knowledge of waterfowling is about equal to that nothing. Looks like so much fun though and heard they add re good eating also.
  15. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Wednesday Treadmill 10 mins at 2.8mph 2 sets of intervals ( 2 mins at 3.8 light jog 1.5 mins at 2mph) 3 min cool down Lifted also Every lift was 2x12 increased weight on a few of these Leg extensions Bicep curls Tricep press Shoulder press Chest fly Bench press Standing row
  16. marcusvdk

    Swarovski Spotter

    Win win
  17. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Tuesday recumbent bike for 30 mins got 10.72 miles on cross training setting
  18. marcusvdk

    2020 Javelina Hunt

    Sounds like a hell of a good time Jim
  19. marcusvdk

    Gooseapalooza 2019-2020 ( Ducks too)

    Thanks for sharing your whole season with us. I've enjoyed seeing all the fun. I'm getting the itch now to try out waterfowl hunting. Never done it.
  20. marcusvdk

    Who else is...

    Monday Hiked the woods looking for squirrels for an hour Rode recumbent bike 25 mins pikes peak 8.7 miles