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  1. Team Kabob

    KC champs

    What a game to watch!
  2. Team Kabob

    What did you get for Christmas guys?!

    My parents got me a Benchmade knife, the wife got me A sky 5900, and the in laws gave me cash to start my moose fund! Cheers to 2020
  3. Team Kabob

    Leupold Ultimate Slam SABR Reticle

    I have one on my TC Encore 50 cal muzzleloader and it’s great. Leupold rings and bases too. Bh209, cci 209 mag shotgun primers, and Hornady 250gr bullets great combo. Plan to work up a 200+ yard load for it soon. Raise my fps. Most places I’ve used it in Missouri my range is limited to 100yards...
  4. Team Kabob

    Looking to trade some whitetail information

    If you put in for bow tags it’s possible to hunt some great public land!
  5. Team Kabob

    Looking to trade some whitetail information

    They both are good units. When you coming in January? Doe season is open that first week of Jan. and you can buy a tag. How far can you shoot your muzzleloader?
  6. Team Kabob

    bear spray

    Haha 😂! I think I just woke the kids up from their naps laughing 😝
  7. Team Kabob

    F/s Eberlestock J34 just one

  8. Team Kabob

    F/s Eberlestock J34 just one

    Selling my Eberlestock J34 Just one pack $215 shipped. It’s been great for hauling duck decoys, deer stands, ground blinds, hunting deer, and took it on one elk hunt. Has one small hole at the bottom that is cosmetic, otherwise in great shape.
  9. Team Kabob

    New rifle

    Nice rifle! I was going to say cooper but you bought it!
  10. Team Kabob

    Portable power

    anker powercore 20100 from Amazon It’s been great. Used it in Alaska this year, charge phone for gps, watch, and inreach. It great. Would need solar or power to charge it though.
  11. Team Kabob

    Leaning in for a kiss!

    Haaaaa girl! 🤘
  12. Team Kabob

    Another great buck

    Monster mule deer
  13. Team Kabob

    2019 = 160+ inches

    Nice bucks
  14. Team Kabob

    Colorado Success!

  15. Team Kabob

    Tagged Out

    Nice buck ice!
  16. Team Kabob

    Inreach Mini

    On track it leaves a crumb trail
  17. Team Kabob

    Inreach Mini

    I bought a mini and it worked great in Alaska! It will be with me on every western hunt from here on out. I’m loaned it to a friend who is doing his first western/elk hunt in a few weeks and he’s been using it before he leaves. Plan to update him on weather too. Even though Garmin gives you...
  18. Team Kabob

    Gooseapalooza 2019-2020 ( Ducks too)

    Awesome offer Slugz and good luck! Road trip! I have two whitetail deer trips for the November time and work has extra meetings and classes booked too. But, let me look at January. 😎
  19. Team Kabob

    Suburban bow deer cull, what I've learned

    Doing your civil duty. We had a park just out of KC that allowed that before I moved here. Neighbors to the park stopped it, since a new subdivision was added. But now they have to hire sharp shooters to thin the heard. I wouldn’t regret what you did, better than disease take them or be hit by cars