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  1. dirtclod Az.

    2019 Success!

  2. dirtclod Az.

    2020 Javelina Hunt

    Oh ,Oh Az. is rubbing off on you,next thing you'll be chasing sheep!Ha!,HA! 〽💥
  3. dirtclod Az.

    Urban deer hunting

    StaySharp is the man to talk to,he is the resident expert on urban deer hunting. 〽💥
  4. dirtclod Az.

    2020 Javelina Hunt

    Good luck this weekend guys! 〽💥
  5. dirtclod Az.

    The Memes Thread!

    Forgot your veil Mr.! 〽💥
  6. dirtclod Az.

    Shoot or Pass?

    Swiss Cheese! Send another slug,it shows you care... 〽💥
  7. dirtclod Az.


    Checkers,Chess and Poker are mine.〽💥
  8. dirtclod Az.

    The Memes Thread!

    I KNEW Trump swung that way from day one! 〽💥
  9. dirtclod Az.

    KC champs

    If you pulled that BULL back when I was a kid,you would be riding the bench... 〽💥
  10. dirtclod Az.

    Arizona outfitters

    Looks like you made some good choices.Good Luck... 〽💥
  11. dirtclod Az.

    Help in choosing which AZ Unit Archery Elk

    One thing I might try is finding out the amount of hunters being drawn for the area you choose. When I hunted the 5b areas there were a lot of hunters,and folks tagging along with them. Made for crowded conditions. 〽💥
  12. dirtclod Az.

    Help in choosing which AZ Unit Archery Elk

    You may want to do some research before looking for advice. ie; Look at maps showing Reservations or do you mean "reservations"? 〽💥
  13. dirtclod Az.

    Help in choosing which AZ Unit Archery Elk

    Az. Elk all migrated to N.M. ;) 〽💥
  14. dirtclod Az.


    Nope,too old! 〽💥
  15. dirtclod Az.

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Hoping to scare all the snowbirds Back East!! 〽 💥
  16. dirtclod Az.

    No game cams in AZ ?

    Game cams or a no,no!Never heard about not hunting water holes. Call AZGF @ 602-942-3000 they'll give you the skinny. 〽💥
  17. dirtclod Az.

    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    What's a Duck?...〽💥
  18. dirtclod Az.

    Easy to find moose this morning

    She thinks you owe her money! 〽💥
  19. dirtclod Az.


    You got the proof ,Trump goes POOF!!...Nuff'said. 〽💥
  20. dirtclod Az.

    Hot Waterfowl Reloads

    Back when we reloaded we had no plastic wads so we used paper.The crimps kept seperating so Dad dripped hot wax in the crimps.After a while Dad left us kids to do the reloading. Hunting was quite a circus with us...Some shells fired,which shot a giant load of confetti down range. Which our...