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    NEW Outfitter Ammunition from Hornady

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    Shoot or Pass?

    Hey everyone! Simply question... SHOOT or PASS? This is a photo of a buck I took in Northern Wyoming.
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    Husky or Wolf?

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    High Expectations at Low Elevations

    Go check out a great low elevation deer hunting article for some great tips to use on your next hunt! *LINK BELOW*
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    Hunting "Sagey"Bucks with Mike Eastman!

    Hey everyone! Go check out our blog post that just dropped with Mike Eastman on how to hunt "sagey" bucks! *LINK BELOW*
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    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Giveaway!

    If you’re a sheep hunter you’ve probably heard of Stone Glacier and if you’re into ultralight backpack hunting you’ve also probably heard of them. These are great, simplistic packs that have been around awhile now and they continue to prove themselves in the field. Stone Glacier packs have...
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    Seek Outside Pack Giveaway!

    Go sign up for our latest gear giveaway! The Lanner 4500 from Seek Outside is a great light weight pack. It will provide you with comfort, even with a heavy load. Go sign up before time runs out! *LINK BELOW*
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    Alaska Guide Creations Binocase Giveaway

    Go check out our latest giveaway! These binocases are tough as nails and are perfect for your next adventure. GO SIGN UP!!
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Good afternoon! We are now looking to update our banner for the forum. Post up to 3 pictures of your trophy or outdoor photo for a chance to be on the next Forum banner! Scott, Trent and I will pick the top 10 pictures and then we will set up a poll for all of you to pick from those pictures...
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    Elk Hunting Handbook

    Hey everyone! Go check out the elk hunting handbook that just dropped and tell us what you think! BTW it's free! *LINK BELOW*
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    Initial Ascent IA4K Giveaway

    We have a pack giveaway!!
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys! My name is Luke Washington. I work here at Eastmans in the digital media department! I will be helping out with things here on the forum from here on out. I look forward to having lots of great conversations with you all! Above bis a picture of my bull from last year! Thanks!