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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    Just proving that im telling the truth;)
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    We are kinda slow at the shop these days so I finally got around to bringing an elk head in today. Elk euro bracket is officially in the works.
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    We don't make much on them but we ain't trying to get rich on them either. We just started making them for personal use and friends but they kinda took off. We have probably made about 800 to 1000 by now just from word of mouth in our local area. You can check out our shop website at...
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    Also Scott... Im not sure if your loyalty will ever waiver with "Skull Hooker", but id love to send your office a bunch of complimentary brackets for trial run. The only stipulation is you have to keep putting out great material like you all do and run the best forum around ;)
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    No drilling required. just screw bracket to wall and that top prong slips into existing hole in back of skull and bottom prongs cradle jaw bone. Easy on/off anytime and rock solid.
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    Yep. $5 plus shipping. You wont be disappointed. We manufacture and sell these like crazy. We sell them unpainted but do have the option for powder coating if the order is big enough but price would be $7 if painted. Alot of guys prefer the rustic steel look but you could always rattle can...
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    Savage Ultralite Rifle with a Proof Barrel

    Here they are from my suppliers website! This is my cost as a dealer mind you. SAV 57584 SAV 110 ULTRALITE 24" 28NOS PROOF CARBON BBL Brand: SAVAGE ARMS Item Number: SAV 57584 UPC: 011356575845 MSRP: $1,499.00 MARP: $0.00 Sell Price: $1,087.00 Qty. Avail. 0
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    6.5 PRC

    No wonder it looked like a nice scope. It better be for the price ;) Nice setup. PS if a anybody is looking for a superb budget FFP scope, I am an ARKEN OPTICS dealer. Check em out. They are the real deal. MOA version coming shortly.
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    6.5 PRC

    What brand of glass is that?
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    6.5 PRC

    And shoot lights out accurate and easy to tune in my experience.
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    12 elk points. which unit?

    I called the Warden for the area 45 and he said 45-1 will include latter sept archery again 2020.
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    Upgrading some Equipment so I've got a few items for SALE

    I bought the tripod. Quick shipment and easy to work with. Thanks Bone. Somebody else better buy that one pin sight before i get a wild hair. Also he now has PAYPAL!
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    New Custom Rifle - 28 Nosler

    I'm pushing my 195 at 2965fps out of my proof barrel. The biggest advantage I have found in all my proofs is they have no poi change from cold bore to hot. Kinda a big deal for a long range hunting rifle. Nice rig.
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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Wyoming general tag.
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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    DIY somewhere in the the Dakotas;) Missed a bigger 4 x4 the previous morning in this guys bachelor group. Got on em again following morning and stuck him while feeding in a draw. Taped him out @ 165" last night. Pretty good start to the season. Good luck to all.
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    Anyone used the Berger 185gr Classic Hunter on game?

    I shot a muley buck in Montana at 400 yds with the 168 classic hunter in my 300WM. Broadside hit behind the shoulder. Buck ran about 40 yds. Upon arrival to spot of impact i have never seen so much blood from a rifle shot. Biggest blood trail ive ever seen. entered small, and exit hole the...
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    FFP scope?

    Ive been overly impressed with my arken SH-4 FFP so far. HD glass is great and tracks perfectly. I was told they are working on a moa version and when they do release that i plan on buying multiple. the Only thing i personally dont care for is that windage turret dont lock but i can live with...
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    6.5 prc

    todd, I actually just received my 300prc proof prefit bighorn barrel from stockys yesterday that i ordered about 3 months ago. these bighorn prefits look too easy. just screw it on, no headspace gauges or nothin.