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  1. Fink

    Idaho OTC

    I wasn't in the market for an Idaho capped OTC tag this year, but follow along anyways. I see a few of the capped zones sold out in a matter of hours yet again. As much as I hate to see more tags go into a draw, it may be time for Idaho to move some of these capped OTC tags into a draw...
  2. Fink

    Nosler E Tip 300 win mag

    Anyone know anything about Nosler ammo? I shot some through my gun a while back, and really liked it, and have been trying to buy more, but everything they have in 300 is sold out, and has been for quite some time. Is Nosler no longer making ammo in 300? Would like to shoot either the E-Tips...
  3. Fink

    Teal season

    Only got to get out 4 times this year, but had some really great hunts. The entire state is still flooded pretty bad along the Missouri River corridor, and a friend with ground in the bottoms called and said he had a few teal. We went and scouted it the night before season, and yeah.. it had a...
  4. Fink

    Missouri Elk

    Sorry for the copy/paste here, but I couldn't find an actual link to the article, I received it directly from the MDC. A couple of points: First, this is phenomenal, to go from no elk in 2011, to being able to hunt them in less than 10 years. Second: I love the random drawing that will be...
  5. Fink

    New sportin' piece

    Alright.. So, I went out the other day and bought a new Christensen Ridgeline in 300 win mag, and topped it with a Vortex Viper PST 3-15, cause hey, Treat Yo?self, right? Didn't really need it, but have been wanting one for a while (too bad now I need another gun safe, I'm officially out of...
  6. Fink


    Anyone have a recipe, or a process they like to use for cooking an elk roast that will be used to slice for sandwiches? Normally, any roasts I do are pot roast style, but I?d like to do one that?s cooked to medium rare and then sliced thin. Not really sure where to start... cook it in a hot...
  7. Fink


    Just got back from my Wyoming elk hunt. Had an absolute blast. Gotta give a big shout out to a few guys here on the forum, Team Kabob, for insisting I borrow his trailer, so I could take every single piece of hunting gear I own, and Kiddwinner and MOHunter for providing some key intel on the...
  8. Fink

    Jason Hairston

    Kuiu just announced that Jason Hairston has passed. Really sad to see this, the guy seemed to have the world by the tail. Prayers to his family as they navigate this difficult time.
  9. Fink

    Missouri courts rule captive deer are still wildlife

    Missouri courts recently ruled that captive deer are still considered wildlife, and are subject to control by the Missouri Department of Conservation, instead of being treated as livestock. With CWD now spreading through our state, (shockingly, the highest concentrations of CWD in wild deer...
  10. Fink

    Wyoming meat processing

    Looking for recommendations on meat processors near the Bighorn mountains, would probably be willing to go to Sheridan, Buffalo, Greybull or Cody. Casper is probably a bit of a haul, but it would be on the way home for the return trip. We've got two elk tags, and will be hunting for two weeks...
  11. Fink

    Missouri elk

    I had heard from a pretty reliable source a few weeks back, that Missouri was looking good on the elk population growth, and that the state would be considering a hunt in the near future. The MDC recently announced that the herd is nearing target populations, and we may have a hunt sooner than...
  12. Fink

    Kentucky Elk Draw

    Was completing some applications this morning, putting in for points, etc, since my fall is basically already full. Decided to peruse the Kentucky elk page, and came across this gem of an explanation as to why KY does not use a bonus/preference point system, and instead has opted for a pure...
  13. Fink


    Anyone make their own sausage, specifically Italian sausage and bratwursts? I won't make any venison sausage until this coming fall, but I'd like to try my hand at making some of my own sausages, to learn the process, so I'm not wasting any game meat down the road. For those that 'roll their...
  14. Fink

    2018 Colorado changes No more up front fees.. Previously, I was unwilling to put up the up front fees for MSG, when I had zero chance to draw for the first 3 years or whatever, and then basically no chance to draw after the first 3...
  15. Fink


    My Streamlight Argo gave it up, after about two seasons worth of use.. Looking for a new headlamp, and I want a pretty good one. I keep a bunch of cheap $10-20 headlamps around for waterfowl hunting, local hunting, etc, where I'm not terribly concerned if I lose it. I'd like one that is really...
  16. Fink

    Black cloud

    I bought a case of black cloud 2 3/4 3?s, to shoot out of my A5, since it will only accept 2 3/4 shells.. my A5 has NEVER not cycled a shell, and it won?t cycle these.. anyone ever experience this ? I?m not sure if the brass is too thin, or the brass expands and the gets stuck or what...
  17. Fink

    Been on a pretty good run

    Been hitting the ducks pretty hard here lately. Took my dad out last Thursday, first time we had duck hunted together in years. It was a bunch of fun shooting sunshine mallards with our old Browning Auto 5's. We weren't set up very well at first light, but a quick move at 8 had up pretty much...
  18. Fink

    Kansas Opener

    Drove 4 hours out to Central Kansas for the early season opener. Arrived to an abosulte torrential downpour, that resulted in some pretty decent localized flooding. I bet the people in these cars were surprised to come out to a foot of standing water after their delicious Mexican food dinner...
  19. Fink

    Practice makes perfect!

    Me and the dog have been pretty lazy this summer, so with the cooler weather recently, I decided it was time to start working the dog. Was a short session, since some of us are out of shape! All training sessions always end with about 30 minutes of swim time in the pool!
  20. Fink

    2017 KS/MO turkey recap

    My spring is officially over as of this morning, having filled out all of my KS and MO tags. I had a great season, some amazing hunts, and made some mind numbingly stupid mistakes.. After a crazy two days in Kansas for the early archery season, which involved me missing 4 times, and not...