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  1. Stay Sharp

    History of Bowhunting unpackaged

    I am a member of the board of directors of the Wisconsin Bowhunting Heritage Foundation Museum. Like many small, private museums, we operate with a small, volunteer, (uncompensated) board and like many small museums, we have too little space to display the history of bowhunting in WI and too few...
  2. Stay Sharp

    Looking for help/info

    I am a member of the board of Directors of the Wisconsin Bowhunting heritage Foundation Museum. Our mission is to fill our limited space at the museum with items that showcase the history of bowhunting in Wisconsin. The museum is located in Clintonville, Wisconsin at the headquarters of the...
  3. Stay Sharp

    spicy Thai peanut satay

    I cubed up a bunch of red stag loin and marinated it in San-j spicy Thai Peanut sauce with some fresh grated ginger and garlic. I left the meat in the marinade overnight. Then put the chunks on metal skewers. Then grilled them over white hot coals.
  4. Stay Sharp

    Bowhunting Africa 2020

    Im making the final arrangements for another traveling bowhunt. This time its to the Limpopo Province of South Africa for a late August/Early Sept. trip for a week of hunting several species. This trip like most of my other traveling, bow hunts will be centered around further testing of new...
  5. Stay Sharp

    Broadheads, the only part that matters

    I took my first animal with a bow and arrow 46 years ago and was hooked ever since. During that time, my focus and fascination has always been on the only part of our gear actually responsible for killing the animal. Broadheads have been my passion for almost 5 decades. We are a few days from...
  6. Stay Sharp

    The history of bowhunting knife

    What follows are the history and details of and explanation of the Roy I. Case commemorative knife. I am a member of the board of the Wisconsin Bowhunting Heritage Foundation Museum. The purpose of the WBHF museum is to collect and preserve our state's rich bowhunting history, and then showcase...
  7. Stay Sharp

    2020 bowhunting prep

    Ive dedicated the last 2 bowhunting seasons to using 250 grain, 3 blade Woodsman broadheads and enjoyed fantastic results and while my bowhunting season still has a couple months left, my results over the last 2 seasons have been 15 deer, including several P&Y whitetails, a giant bull elk, a...
  8. Stay Sharp

    My WI archery 10 point

    Deer Number 11 for calendar 2019 (8 of them were suburban nuisance/cull tags for the city). I took this ten point yesterday morning. Based on the feedback Ive been getting about the excessive blood in my photos on social media (which is perfectly natural and expected in bowhunting) I cleaned up...
  9. Stay Sharp

    Just returned from my S.E. Ohio rut bow hunt

    Im back from my November, Rut bowhunt with Buckeye Bowhunting of Ohio. If You you want to read the story and see the pictures, I've posted it all on my blog at this link. I think you will find it informational and entertaining.
  10. Stay Sharp

    weekend archery buck

    I loaded up the truck for another traveling bow hunt in another state as this weekend was the Wisconsin youth gun Deer hunt. Im not a fan of bowhunting in blaze orange and being in a tree with youth hunting with high powered rifles. This bow hunt was for whitetail. Im using the same...
  11. Stay Sharp

    Suburban bow deer cull, what I've learned

    Ive been flinging broadhead tipped arrows at animals for 45+ years. Ive loved every minute until now and I have myself to blame. If I told you that killing an 8 pointer with a bow and arrow would leave you with feelings of regret, you might find it an odd statement but that’s where Im at. The...
  12. Stay Sharp

    Hung my 2019 Idaho Bull

    Another rainy Sunday so I hung my Euro mount I did of my Idaho Elk from a couple weeks ago. I had to move 5 other mounts to another location. Im running out of wall space and its a great problem to have. Not having vaulted ceilings makes it challenging to hang an elk.
  13. Stay Sharp

    My 2019 Idaho archery elk

    Ive just returned from my Idaho Archery elk hunt. Attached are some images and video of the adventure. I was hunting at 8,000 feet in South East Idaho. The video.
  14. Stay Sharp

    It's that time of year

    Its that time of the year again. Message boards and facebook groups are riddled with these sorts of questions. "Whats a good broadhead???" "What broadhead should I use?" "What head is everybody using this year?" "Im looking for a recommendation for this year's broadhead" And many more...
  15. Stay Sharp

    making ready

    100 grain Steel adapters attached to the 125 grain woodsman heads. With weight washers, Im at a 230 grain, 3 blade broadhead for a 500 grain total arrow weight. Time to start sharpening for This seasons, Idaho elk, WI, IN, OH and TX whitetail hunts.
  16. Stay Sharp

    Who is bowhunting where?

    Just booked another whitetail bow hunt for the fall. This time Ohio. (I’ve not taken a whitetail in Ohio yet) Im behind, trying to fill my out of state hunt calendar due to launching several new bowhunting products. Still looking at Kansas to add to my WI whitetail, Idaho elk and IN whitetail...
  17. Stay Sharp

    These arrived in the mail

    A couple of these showed up in the mail for the two bucks I took with a bow last season. (one in Wisconsin and the other in Indiana)
  18. Stay Sharp

    Thinking of having my own broadheads made

    Ive been slinging arrows at animals for 45 years and in that time Ive taken my fair share. During that time Ive tried many many different broadheads from 2 blades to 4, both fixed and mechanical, large and small heads, strong and weak, cheap heads and relatively expensive made of good quality...
  19. Stay Sharp

    2019 archery Elk in Idaho blog

    Looking forward to crisp, Sept. Mountain air and bugling elk. I'll detail the prep and the hunt here. This is the first setup Im evaluating for my upcoming Idaho Elk hunt.
  20. Stay Sharp

    Starting yet another one

    And so it begins (again) The fling with the US patent and trademark office. Tooth of the arrow broadhead users will especially enjoy this new sharpening system. ;)