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  1. Maxhunter

    WY 2019 Grizzly Relocation Annual Report

    Here's the report from the WY Game Fish Dept. As you can see a lot of bears are shot and not relocated. I wonder if hunting was allowed if this list would be smaller.
  2. Maxhunter

    Ordered New Sleeping Pad

    My Neoair I've had for sometime is starting to lose some air. I saw Sea to Summit had the Ether light pad on sale. I know there a little heavier than the Neoair, but they get great reviews and are 4in thick. There also suppose to be quiet and have a very good R value. I really prefer...
  3. Maxhunter

    MY WY 2019 Buck Whitetail

    I shot this buck on 11/17/19. It was quite the windy day to say the least. Shot distance was 23yds.
  4. Maxhunter

    My 2019 WY Bull

    I shot this 6x6 bull yesterday in grizzly country solo. The shot was 36yds. He died about 250yds from a good horse trail made for an easy pack out.
  5. Maxhunter

    Randy Ulmer 2019 NV Archery Buck

    Randy takes another monster Muley with his bow. This guy is amazing.
  6. Maxhunter

    WY Bison/Goat/Moose/Sheep Results May 9th

    This Thursday the draw results should be available. Usually it's posted at 10:00am. Good luck everyone!
  7. Maxhunter

    Traditions XBR Crackshot

    What will they think up next. I'm sure some states will allow it in archery season.
  8. Maxhunter

    Won a Free Fully Guided Whietail Hun in KS

    I'm usually not a Lucky person. My dates are 31st October thru November 6th. Still can't believe I was the winner. I have to apply for a tag and hopefully I draw.
  9. Maxhunter

    4 Wolves Released in US Park to Reduce Moose Population.

    Don't understand why they just didn't just let hunters reduce them.
  10. Maxhunter

    Up Close Bear Video

    This guy got a very close shot!
  11. Maxhunter

    New Potential World Record Whitetail From iL Taken With Bow

    It scores 320 5/8. He's a beast!
  12. Maxhunter

    Illegal Hunter Blame Wife

    This is too funny! What do these guys think the game warden is stupid.
  13. Maxhunter

    Giant Ohio Whitetail Poached

    What a buck but I think he got off easy!
  14. Maxhunter

    Moose Poacher Recoeves $100k Fine

    I hope they took also banned him from ever hunting again.
  15. Maxhunter

    Shotgun for Pheasants

    I'm looking at purchasing a shotgun for phesants. Not sure if I should get a pump, O & U, or semi auto. Should I go 12 or 20? I was in Sportsmans Warehouse and they have Weathery Orion 1 on sale. What would you guys recommend?
  16. Maxhunter

    P&Y New Archery World Record Brown Bear

    This bear was taken this past spring on Kodiak. He's a beast of a bear.
  17. Maxhunter

    Garmin Inreach GPS Which One?

    I'm looking at purchasing a Inreach GPS from Garmin. I really like the Mini. I have a Garmin E-trek already. Which one should I get?
  18. Maxhunter

    What Does He Score

    A friend of mine passed up this buck yesterday at 8yds. Shoot or don't shoot?
  19. Maxhunter

    Cancellation Hunt Brown Bear & Moose Combo AK

    I had a buddy who had this hunt booked. He injured himself in a fall and can't go. This is for a combo cancellation brown bear and moose hunt in AK. It's for September of this year. Raft hunting trip with bush plane fly in. It can be either bow or gun. It's for 10 full days. Price has...
  20. Maxhunter

    My 2017 WY Archery Ram

    I've been waiting for my story to get published in EBJ. It just came out in the latest issue of EBJ. It's always been a dream of mine to take a sheep with my bow. I've been on two AK Dall hunts but never got a shot opportunity. Being a resident of WY makes it even sweeter. It was a hunt...