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  1. kidoggy

    Idaho wolf update

    F&G commission increases number of wolf tags hunters and trappers can purchase By Brian Pearson, Conservation Public Information Specialist Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 10:19 AM MST Up to 15 hunting tags and 15 trapping tags can now be purchased by individual in a year During their meeting in...
  2. kidoggy

    field dress torque knives

    I have literally hundreds of knives . I have a problem,I just can't seem to pass on buying them. :D I have been watching videos of the field torque knives lately. they sure look to work pretty slick on cutting the pelvis. something I always seem to struggle with. anyone tried one yet
  3. kidoggy

    skre hardscrabble vs kuiu attack pants?

    I have the attacks been looking at the hardscrabble . any opinions on how they compare?
  4. kidoggy


    krypteks got some good clearance deals going on , through gander mtn just bought the mens cadog softshell jacket for $116 mens vallhalla pants on sale for 50ish. that's 50% off on each if anyone is into kryptek products
  5. kidoggy

    don't forget

    heads up feller hunters .. don't forget the deadline to apply for biggame hunts was ...YESTERDAY . you snooze you lose . ;) good luck to those who were on the ball!
  6. kidoggy

    a blast from the past

    was thinking of my great grandfather today. this is a pic of him from 1953 when he was 70 years old getting ready for deer season. he lived to be 101 years old. he shot his last deer in 1960(pic attached) years later at 77 with a 1921 luger 7.65 parabellum , which he handed down to me and I...
  7. kidoggy

    msr pocket rocket 2

    I am buying the msr pocket rocket 2 camp stove . was wondering . those with backpacking experience . if you were going on a 4-5 day pack trip would the smaller 2.3oz gas canister be sufficient for one person assuming two meals a day . say it were to run say about 30-40 minutes total. or would...
  8. kidoggy

    water pureifiers

    I have been looking at water filtration options for a backcountry trip. anyone ever use the pure to go water purifers OR the sawyer macro? if so how did they work for you ? or does anyone have one they prefer?
  9. kidoggy

    tent or bivy?

    recently bought an exo 3500 pack and an now looking to get a lightweight tent or possibly bivy . thinking just for one man, quality three season . has to be light weight and compact. 5lbs or so????lbs = pain.;) be willing to spend $300 or so but would really like to keep price...
  10. kidoggy

    eberlestock team elk pack

    have been looking online at these packs. only asking $329. anyone have one and willing to share opinions on them? they look to be pretty versatile for different type hunts. but am mainly thinking of 3-4 day trips. also looking at XO and stone glacier which are considerably more $$...
  11. kidoggy


    welp , looks like we are gonna get a white Christmas. safe travels to those who must and merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the rest of you, filthy animals!
  12. kidoggy

    yellowstone wolves right on! congrats and a big slap on the back to whoever killed the bitch!!!!
  13. kidoggy

    happy thanksgiving

    AND safe travels to all of eastmans members.
  14. kidoggy

    range finders ??

    hey folks. I am looking to buy a rangefinder . just something good out to, say 600 yards or so. don't want anything fancy and looking for something around $200 or so. been looking online at the RX -650 leupold. anybody have one? or any suggestions on a good one in that price range?
  15. kidoggy

    distraught for gun control

    there was a woman on the news this morning ,who lost her son in latest bar shooting, out of her mind with grief , shouting that she doesn't want condolences and prayers. she wants GUN CONTROL! and she wants it now!!!!!!!!! don't know what that will help considering , the shooter was supposedly...
  16. kidoggy

    newbies seeking help

    I am happy to help others when I am able but sometimes these requests make me chuckle. just got this one in a PM on another site. I moved over here in Missouri 3 years ago from Illinois. I'm a big Predator Hunter well experience. Looking for other Hunters then Joy the same and also getting...
  17. kidoggy

    swager b-pods

    been thinking of getting a swagger b-pod for my upcoming goat hunt. any body own one and have any pro -con thoughts about them.
  18. kidoggy

    independence day

    to all members have a happy and safe celebration thanks to all that made it happen and continue to safeguard our precious constitution and all it stands for!
  19. kidoggy

    bummer .who did?

    welp ,I didn't draw my super tag once again. congrats to the yahoo that stold it from me.
  20. kidoggy

    R.I.P. patrick

    McManus dies at age 84 Fri., April 13, 2018, 12:08 a.m. By Carolyn Lamberson (509) 459-5068 Author Patrick McManus poses for a portrait in 1992. (SR) Author Patrick McManus poses for a portrait in 1992. (SR) Patrick F. McManus, the New York Times best-selling author of...