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  1. AKaviator

    Wy SF0074

    I don't know how to post the link but... this bill looks like it could effect all of us non-residents. What say you?
  2. AKaviator

    Winter moose

    Went looking for moose this morning. One bull with antlers, one without!
  3. AKaviator

    Kodiak hunt

    I had a really fun hunt on Kodiak last week. Saw plenty of deer and bears. Hunted hard in some high country but in the end, I took a nice buck near the beach. The buck had a hot doe and a young forked horn in a group of 6 deer. As soon as I shot the larger buck, the forked horn chased the hot...
  4. AKaviator

    Kodiak waterfowl

    Did some waterfowl hunting on Kodiak. Harlequins, Golden Eyes, mallards, Old Squaws... Had fun, and always enjoy the beautiful birds
  5. AKaviator

    Love seeing the bucks

  6. AKaviator

    Leaning in for a kiss!

  7. AKaviator

    In my yard this morning.

    These guys were in the yard (Oregon) this morning. Just my porch light on. Trying a real slow shutter speed and high ISO setting. Nice to see them around!
  8. AKaviator

    Drawing hunts--Alaska

    For those who are looking to draw hunts in Alaska for next season, the permit supplement should be online sometime today. The application period starts November 1. Good luck to all those who apply!
  9. AKaviator

    Wyoming critters

  10. AKaviator

    A nice young Yukon bull

    Here's a handsome young bull on the Yukon side of the boarder, eh!
  11. AKaviator

    A few caribou, just for fun.

    I haven't posted caribou in awhile. They're getting harder to find!
  12. AKaviator

    Buck with a harem

    A handsome buck with his girlfriends. I should have added it to the Forum Banner contest.
  13. AKaviator

    Just trying a photo post.

    Just checking if the new forum format accepts photos from Imgur. My wonderful lab...Nails.
  14. AKaviator

    June 25th bull

    A nice bull for June. Should be a keeper by September!
  15. AKaviator

    Cool bears

    I saw a bunch of bears on the drive back to Alaska; here's a couple cool ones!
  16. AKaviator

    Beautiful rooster

    This rooster has been stopping by my place almost every day. Really a handsome bird. Had a fly riding his back too!
  17. AKaviator

    Drove thru Wyoming

    I made a quick trip thru Wyoming. Lots of deer, lots of antelope and one badger!
  18. AKaviator

    Poacher sentenced

    A "gentleman" was recently sentenced for a 21 count complaint on the Kenai Peninsula. He wasted 3 moose plus other charges; Fined $100,000 Jailed 9 months forfeit rifle and ATV No hunting for 3 years. I would have liked more than 3 years loss of hunting privileges, but hey, the rest of the...