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    A taste for salmon

    I don't just only photograph deer. Here's an Alaskan coastal brown bear feeding on a sliver salmon
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    Never see me!

    Hiding whitetail buck from a few weeks ago
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    Dawn drop tine muley

    Photographed this buck before sunrise
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    Drop tine whitetail from a few weeks ago

    This is really a great buck but I was never able to get a good clear image of hem. Going back to look for him again next week
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    Another muley buck in the brush

    Another mule deer buck in the brush
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    High & Tight

    A Wyoming muley from last fall. A dominant breeder I watched him run off larger bucks and breed their doe!
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    Camouflaged up Muley buck

    You can't see me!
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    Texas buck

    Spent last week photographing wihitetails in Texas
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    Western Wyoming Deer Report

    I just spent a week in Western Wyoming photographing and watching mule deer in a number of areas I've been visiting yearly (at about the same time) for the past 14 years. Hearing the winter kill reports and seeing the area last March with the deep snow pack I wasn't expecting much. I covered...
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    Score these mule deer bucks

    I'm working on a mule deer book and was curious to see what you all might come up with for gross scores on these 4 bucks. These are all huge bodied deer. I know it's tough from a photo but give it a go... Have fun!
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    Mule deer rut 2014

    A few decent mule deer bucks photographed during this years rut! D. Robert Franz
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    2014 Wyoming buck

    Just back from my 2014 antelope hunt.. We hunted near Casper. Antelope numbers have been down in that area for the past couple of years and seemed so again. That being said we all filled our buck tags and I punched a doe tag as well. Waterholes all were full and there was lots of...
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    Bear Action

    \ Here's a little bear action from AK... I leave for another trip to Alaska in a couple weeks..
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    Mule deer bucks in the fall

    A few mule deer bucks from Colorado and Wyoming