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  1. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

  2. dustin ray

    Shoot or Pass?

  3. dustin ray

    Arizona outfitters

    jay scott pod cast has some conversations with guides in that area
  4. dustin ray

    No game cams in AZ ?

    Is it correct that two bills were passed eliminating camera use from June 1 to Dec 1 and being illegal to hunt within 100 yards of any water tank state wide? Any here know if this is corect
  5. dustin ray

    Game cam video

    LOL No its a F&G water catchment the fence is to keep cattle out
  6. dustin ray

    Game cam video

    My camera caught this Elk getting shot by another hunter
  7. dustin ray

    What The New Year Brings...looking forward and backward too!

    Thankfull for all the things i have and all the things i don't . Merry Christmass
  8. dustin ray

    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    my first thought was how far the hands hang past the hips but for the next generation will be horns on there heads
  9. dustin ray

    Thanks AZ fish and game

    After hunting my ass off for 12 days i leave defeated Even not harvesting an Elk it was an awesome trip with daily highs and lows that made for a awesome adventure. I new going in this hunt was going to be though and that is what i was looking for the hunt started off with a lot of excitement...
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    Thanks AZ fish and game

    Hunt update the first week was fun but no elk where taken in my camp between the weather or somebody beating me to the area i was planing on hunting my ride breaking down mile from camp just made a quick run back home back tonight iv got my eyes on some good bulls im going it give it hell to...
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    One more weekend to get it done

    good luck
  12. dustin ray

    Thanks AZ fish and game

    Hunt starts on the 15th i have a few more work related things to clear off my calender and im gone. With vary little monsoon rains this summer the lack water have left the dirt tanks dry but thats ok i have plan B ether way im looking foward to the hunt. will update if something cool happens
  13. dustin ray

    remembering my hunting mentor

    Vary sorry for your loss And thank you for sharing your fathers love for you and his family when every im hunting and espesaly for ducks i fill close to my dad and so thankful he shared his love for hunting with me payers to you family
  14. dustin ray

    Video of Recent Mule Deer Hunt

    Thanks for sharing Awesome pics and video what kind of cameras did you use
  15. dustin ray

    Here Kitty Kitty....

    Awesome pic and hunting partner