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  1. Fink

    6% non-resident draw tags

    Probably just good clean livin on your nephews part! Apply with him more often, he's got the lucky touch.
  2. Fink

    6% non-resident draw tags

    So, as a resident of a state that has 84% of available tags allocated to residents, the only way you could draw a tag was to party with a non resident that is limited to no more than 6% of the available tags? Interesting.
  3. Fink

    My "Western Rifle" Weight

    Ha! I hate it when they get us with their common sense! Just weighed my Christensen Ridgline 300wm w/ Vortex Viper PST - 9lbs, 2 oz. If we're counting ounces, I don't hunt with the brake on, that shaves off 3 ounces, so 8lb 15 oz. I haven't hunted with the gun more than out of a deer stand...
  4. Fink

    hello from ND

    Welcome! Nodak is a great state, always enjoyed any time I've gotten to spend up there. Those are some really nice trophies you've got there!
  5. Fink

    2021 W

    Patience, Grasshopper, give people a little time to answer your question... With two points, you're a long way away from any draw units that don't have major issues, like access. Pick a general unit that you can draw, and go hunt.
  6. Fink

    Wy SF0074

    For me, I'm not overly concerned about the price of the tag. If I can buy a $2k bow or a $1500 set of clothes, $60k truck, etc, I'm fine with a tag price. The math starts to not add though, when you get drastically decreased odds, and states taking 4+ months to decide whether or not you get a...
  7. Fink

    Wy SF0074

    non resident hunting opportunity is really starting to trend in the wrong direction. As more and more people move to the western states, those residents will want more opportunity to hunt their new home states. something has to give. I’ll keep applying in the states I currently apply for...
  8. Fink

    Wy SF0074

    I can't see this passing, but I do think additional price increases, and tag reductions down to 10% are coming. Guess we'll have to decide if Wyoming holding a couple grand for almost half the year for a less than 1% shot at an elk tag is worth it.
  9. Fink

    The Memes Thread!

    This should end poorly..
  10. Fink

    KC champs

    Well damn, you bunch of Buzz Killingtons.... I thought the better team definitely won yesterday, and they played about a B game to get it done. Hard to ask much more out of Garrapollo, I thought he played great, but San Fran just wasnt quite good enough to hold the Chiefs for 4 quarters.
  11. Fink

    Pack weight? Who weighs theirs and how much?

    Lol, you mean you don't gotta count ounces on a day hunt that takes you less than 2 miles from the truck? My day pack list: kill kit, owie kit, poo poo paper, treats, water bottle w/steripen (in case I get thirsty) and a hoody (in case I get cold)
  12. Fink

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    No idea..... I have the points to draw Colorado Elk. Getting really close to Arizona and Utah Elk. Will probably try to draw my AZ tag, and will know the results before the CO draw. Will most likely shoot for the moon on the rest of my applications, Draw Colorado if I don't draw AZ, and...
  13. Fink

    Gooseapalooza 2019-2020 ( Ducks too)

    How do you like those Divebombs? I bought 10dz a few weeks ago, and havent used them yet. About a week left in our season, and I doubt I'll get out. I killed enough ducks this fall to hold me over for a while.
  14. Fink

    The Day we Dred

    Man, I'm sorry to for your loss. I think I'll give the old black dawgs ears an extra scratch tonight.
  15. Fink

    altitude sickness

    Just say no to Dramamine. I took some once on an offshore fishing trip... I could barely function, it made me so drowsy. In addition to acclimating to altitude as slowly as possible, I've found that staying VERY hydrated really helps me. Whenever I'm planning on being in higher altitudes, I...
  16. Fink

    Wyoming elk unit 38 vs 45

    He's back! Kiddwinner won't steer you wrong. I'd love to have that 38 tag
  17. Fink

    2020 goals/desires

    Lol, I'm not holding out hope for anything in NV, with my 0.001% odds! What/where are you looking for turkey info? I can help you with anything you need in Missouri and Kansas.
  18. Fink

    2020 goals/desires

    My goal this year is to try to shoot a 300" bull. I have the points to draw a tag in Colorado - still trying to figure out exactly what I want out of the hunt, and where i want to go.. I'll also throw in some longshot attempts at AZ, NM, NV, UT and WY, and hope to get lucky. I normally take 2...
  19. Fink

    More Colorado archery OTC units to move to draw only

    I'd support that. I'm guessing that there'd be little to no point creep, at least for quite a while, in most of those units. There's still quite a few units that are currently draw units that either go to leftovers, or only need a point to draw now.
  20. Fink

    Something more to ponder during application periods

    $15 app fee for a 3-5% random chance of drawing a tag isnt really all that bad, you can buy a lot of raffle tickets for more money and worse odds.. I had 8 points and paid the special tag price to hunt elk in WY 2 years ago. Worth every single penny. I'll do it again, if they'll have me.